Benidorm probably isn’t a destination to you think of to go to for a sunny vacation. Honestly, neither did I. In fact, I didn’t even know where it was when I got the invite to this press trip. Throughout the years Benidorm has built a reputation to be the place for the elderly. I can’t blame them, because this place is truly stunning. Yet, what a lot of people don’t know is that this is a place for the younger people as well. I hope I can show you this in my photo reports. I split the report into 2, because we have done so many cool things, hence I captured tons of photos!

I made some very special memories here that I will never forget. I hope you like this diary post and are inspired to visit this place some day as well!

Day 1

— Hotel Sol —

Hotel at the beach! I was so happy I got a room with a sea view. I spent a lot of time on the balcony.

address: Avenida Alcoy, s/n, 03503 Benidorm


— Punto de Sal restaurant —

Welcomes lunch at Punto de Sal restaurant right at the boulevard, 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Here we met all the bloggers and the team for the first time. I remember that I was very hungry and was so happy to start the trip with this delicious Spanish meal. The food was super yummy!

address: Plaza de Torrejó, nº3, 03501 Benidorm


— View point El Mirador —

In the evening we had a walk to the view point El Mirador de Benidorm. From here you have a gorgeous skyline view over Benidorm during sunset. We had a Sangria together at the square. Cheers to a fabulous time in Benidorm!



— Restaurant Solotúla —

You know the Spanish eat late. At about 21.00 we headed to Restaurant Solotúla. Here we had an exquisite dinner with beautiful curated dishes which looked like they were from a Michelin star restaurant.

address: Calle del Esperanto, 16, 03503 Benidorm


Day 2

— Jet ski —

The second day started off with a fun Jet ski session. I have done it before, but not this long. It was an amazing feeling to race along side the coast line of Benidorm on water. Frederique sat behind me and we truly had the best time with a lot of screaming around.


Jet ski in Benidorm Fablefrique hashtag by Lily


— Boat ride —

After the Jet ski we could rest on a boat that brought us further to the coast line all the way to nature park Sierra Helada. Sierra Helada is a 5,600+ hectares park with 300 metre cliffs, the first marine and terrestrial park of the Valencia region. A must visit when you are here in Benidorm. It was really beautiful to see the majestic cliffs from the sea and later that day we were on it with the bike!


— Electric bike —

I think I found my favorite way of transport. My first time riding an electric bike and I am sold! I highly recommend to explore Benidorm with an electric bike. It such a nice way to get lost in the Sierra Helada park to find hidden gems.

Toa bike
address: Avenida Madrid, 26, local 39, 03503 Benidorm


— Natural park  Sierra Helada —

The Sierra Helada park from the other side. It was so easy to get up the mountain with the electric bike and the view from up here was just breath taking. It’s so nice to escape the city in only 10 minutes and enjoy the tranquility from up here. I had a moment here with Lovisa, to take it all in.





— Madeira Hotel —

We went to Madeira Hotel for cocktails on a rooftop bar enjoying the sunset. Afterwards we had a delicious dinner here too.

address: Calle del Esperanto, 1, 03503 Benidorm




I had the pleasure to experience Benidorm with these gorgeous bloggers from The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. I think we form the perfect cast for a reality show (not so much drama though) and this would be a dvd cover :D

Anyhow, make sure to check out Benidorm from their perspectives as well:

Special thanks to Visitbenidorm for organizing this awesome trip!