Outfit blogpost hashtag by Lily

You might wonder which lesson I have learned this time?! Well.. As you might know, I was working on a video deadline for Shoplog.nl. We shot some amazing footage for the video this Sunday that I was editing like crazy (I wanted to be creative and therefore doing much much more work than actually necessary). I was super satisfied with the result and I only had to add the finishing touch yesterday morning….

BUT.. the universe clearly had some other plans for this video, because I had some troubles with my hard disk. Long story short, I had the biggest FML situation going on, as I lost ALL video footage from Sunday and the video that I was editing!!$#!^%%#$*&%&(! =O
What I did was PANICKING! After a few minutes, I took a deep breath and said to myself: THINK! What can I do to?! Well, this is what I did:

  1. Calling my boyfriend (who was working on the other side of the country) for some moral support and advise.
  2. Hanging on the phone with Apple, who was asking way too many (unrelevant) questions, when they clearly couldn’t help me after all.
  3. I googled some applications to restore the files, but that didn’t help either (it did make me feel a bit hopeful for a moment, but unfortunately…).

So, after an hour, I gave up the lost data! I had to figure out a new plan, since I promised to send the file that day. I was checking what files I still got and thankfully I didn’t delete all footage from the camera yet.

Soooo the damage of this needless incident are:

  • Lost all video footage that we have recorded Sunday. Luckily I made a small trailer of this already for my Instagram account (go check it out here), so I could used this for the video.
  • I had to start all over again with the editing. Luckily I filmed the video with my iPhone to show a friend, so I could ‘easily’ recreate the video without the lost footage.

After 5 hours of working nonstop (btw, I am an iMovie pro by now), the video was ready to be send! That was a hallelujah moment!
Anyhow, even when things turned sour, I was lucky with the windfalls. I guess you always have to try to stay positive, try to find the bright sides and learn from the mistakes. My lesson learned this day is BACK UP.. ALWAYS!

Lesson learned2

Outfit blogpost hashtag by Lily

Outfit blogpost hashtag by Lily

Outfit blogpost hashtag by Lily

Outfit blogpost hashtag by Lily

sweater: Mango / pants: Zara / heels: MMM for H&M / sunglasses: Ray-ban

Oh and I think one of the applications that I installed did work a bit, because I think it has restored these pictures. So now you at least know how I looked Sunday ;) One of my favorite looks at the moment, very #byLily ;) You might have seen this Mango sweater on every poster everywhere. It really is a great sweater for only €9,99!

Oke, sorry for the rattling! I am done for today. See u soon! X