final day in paradise
It is such a bitter and sweet day, when you realize that it is already your last day in paradise. Bitter obviously because you just don’t want to leave a dream that you are living to go back to reality. And sweet because you are grateful with an opportunity like this and try to enjoy the beautifulness one last time. Soak in that vitamin D as much as possible and trying to take everything in before it is too late.

Victoria secret bikini

bikini: Victoria Secret

And boy I have been enjoying Mexico! Our final day, we spent with great new friends that we have met during our stay. I am talking about Lauren (from LaChanna) and her boyfriend. Sometimes it just clicks right away with a person without any efforts.
We took the occasion to double date to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (that’s what we have heard). And for me another ‘CHECK’ on my ‘seen and been’ list, because I wanted to see this bendy palm tree that I once saw in one of the Sincerely Jules posts. We had a relaxing fun day that went by way too fast!

Such a fulfilling feeling to check off items from your bucket list or any list actually. Like my TODO list. You would think that by ‘checking off’ one item from a TODO list, would shorten this list. The truth is, that this list is getting longer and longer and I am trying to check off as many as possible. I guess that will keep me busy ;)
Lots of plans for this season and I am so incredibly pleased with all the submissions for the Meet, Talk & Blog event! It is going to be soooo much fun. This week I am going to look for a lovely location and even try to find some sponsors. I am looking forward to meet some inspiring new bloggers at the event in just a few weeks!

Last day in paradise hashtag by lily

Tulum Playa Paraiso

Tulum Playa Paraiso

Tulum Playa Paraiso palm tree

Tulum Playa Paraiso palm tree
Posing with Lauren

hotel riu towel creations

Towel credits to hotel Riu :)

At last, Mexico has been too good for us. Time flies when you are having fun. I am already back home for a week now! I will be editing all day to make a Mexico recap including a video for Tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned!