— Lamzac —

My first encounter with Lamzac was at the Friends of the brands event. I was delighted that we received one in our goodie bag. I brought one with me to Normandy, because I knew we were going to the beach as well. So what’s a Lamzac? Well, it’s a comfortable lounge seat that you can conveniently carry with you in a small bag. Within a few seconds you bring some air in it, which takes only 2 swings. You can see it in action in my vlog of Normandy that will be published on my Youtube channel real soon, in the mean time you can check out this video to see how it works.

FYI, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just think that Lamzac is a genius invention! EVERYONE on the beach was looking at us, wishing that they had one too :D

— The Look —

I was wearing a bikini to the beach, but the breeze was too chilly, hence the cute shell sweater. I bought the sweater at a stand at a hippie market in Ibiza. I lost their business card, so I have no idea from which webshop it is.



Lamzac is a genius invention!




the breeze was too chilly, hence the cute shell sweater..



— Outfit details —

lounge seat: Lamzac
top: Forget the name of the stand at the Hippy market in Ibiza (similar here)
bikini: Silk & Beach
sunglasses: Toms

location: Trouville; France
PH by Nigel Fung-A-Loi