— Update —

Yesterday I had my 3rd Christmas day with friends and now Christmas 2016 is officially over. How I feel right now? FAT!!! lol. Other than that, happiness, filled with new warm memories of quality time with the loved ones. We ate, we played games and we laughed like no other. How was your Xmas?

NYE is up next. How did 2016 go by in a blink of an eye? Time to assess this amazing year soon in a post and make new resolutions and plans for 2017.

— Joshua Tree Park —

One of the high lights of 2016 was definitely our West-Coast road trip. After the posts from during sun rise (here) and the work out climbing the rocks (here), you know how much I adore Joshua Tree Park. If you want to see more footage of the park, check out the vlog I attached the video below in this post.

We shot these images upon arrival of the park. We were in awe when we saw the Joshua tree scenery with the sun setting. We had to be careful during this shoot though. There were a lot of tarantula spider holes in the sand, which would be my worst nightmare to bump into one. However, I would have wanted to see one from a distance :) My boyfriend was very disappointed that we didn’t see one at all.









— The Look —

I bought this velvet dress with a pretty deep cleavage with in mind that I would wear it with a shirt underneath. I was too eager and wore it right away, but I didn’t have a good shirt with me. Hence, this a little too sexy shoot that I tried to tone down with the cool bomber jacket!
Totally desert appropriate right?! ;P


— Outfit details —

dress: Forever21 / bomber jacket: Mango (sale) / boots: Asos (sale) / watch: Olivia Burton

location: Joshua Tree Park; California