Instagram strategy feed tips

— 50K Instagram —

Wohoo.. Last week I reached an Instagram milestone of 50.000 followers!! Thank you so much to the ones who are following! Having an Instagram account for the blog is like a full time job, because you have to be active to grow (faster). Sometimes it takes 5 minutes and another time it takes 30 minutes to prepare an Instagram post. Everyone has their own strategy when it comes down to your feed. It took me a while to create my own style and it keeps changing with the season, like fashion ;) Below you find some tips to create your own Instagram strategy.

instagram feed strategy tips

— Instagram feed tips —

There are millions of Instagram accounts out there, so you need to differentiate yourself from others. Here are a few tips on the first 9 pictures of your Instagram account that I practice these days. I can see a big difference how these steps help me to grow and get business inquiries.

Don’t underestimate these 9 pictures, because it’s the first glimpse of your account, it functions as a business card where most people base their decision on whether to follow you or not.

  1. Theme, being yourself is of course unique already, but I recommend to pick a niche to focus on. For instance, mine is travel and fashion, so I will make sure the first 9 pictures includes fashion and travel elements.
  2. Colors, be consistent with your layout. Meaning, choose a color palette (could be a certain filter) for your photos so it looks nice together. I have seen gorgeous feeds in only black and white, raw editing, vibrant filters etc. I choose to opt for colors, like my blog.
  3. Variety, you have to come to the understanding that your feed is everything here. I personally don’t like to post 2 outfit photos after another or above each other. I carefully plan my pictures with the ‘VSCOcam’ app, to pick my next post that looks nice in the feed.

— The outfit —

I got carried away once I started typing about Instagram. There is not really a connection with the story above and today’s outfit, except that I will carefully pick my moment to insert one of these photos in my feed :)
I wore this Spijkers & Spijkers ensemble during my Paris Fashion Week fail (read about why it was a fail here). I somehow came to love the idea to wear a dress or skirt over pants and this was my chance to try it with this printed sheer skirt.


Spijkers en Spijkers

Spijkers en Spijkers

Don’t underestimate these 9 pictures, it functions as a business card where most people base their decision on whether to follow you or not.

Paris eiffel tower from Pont alexander

Spijkers en Spijkers

Spijkers en Spijkers

Chanel Paris

Spijkers en Spijkers

— Outfit details —

top: Spijkers & Spijkers
skirt: Spijkers & Spijkers
pants: Sting (sale)
coat: We Fashion
heels: Zara
bag: Chanel

location: Paris, France
PH by Nigel Fung-A-Loi