INSTAGRAM SUMMARY of lily_hashtagby

Insta summary of lily_hashtagby
Not everyone is following my Instagram account, so a special recap for you guys ;) I will spare you the outfit pics, since you have probably seen this on the blog already. I will do this more regularly from now on, for the ones who are curious about my life besides the outfits ;)

Yeah, booked our tickets to Mexico! Could it be possible that Playa del Carmen will just look like this picture that I googled about this place?!?! I want to make the exact same photo when I am there oke?! ;)

Remember the blog class event that I attended a few weeks back? Well, I went home with a really nice goodie bag. One of the goodies was a free yoghurt at Yoghurt Barn. They have two branches, in Utrecht and in Amsterdam. I went to the one in Amsterdam last week and I will be back asap, that says enough right?! Look how yummy this ‘Merry Berry’ looks!

So I am working on something that I hope to tell you more about very soon. Especially if you are a blogger it will be interesting to follow.. Oke.. that’s the hint.. Can’t say more yet :) Keep u posted asap! I had a brainstorm session at this cute coffee house ‘De koffie Salon’ in Amsterdam the other day.

My power breakfast Wednesday. What’s in my bowl of soya vanille yogurt (lactose free!): (ras)berries, linseeds, chiaseeds, spirulina powder, wheatgrass powder & walnuts

Why can’t vegetables be chocolate? Just sayin’! (Eating bars of chocolates every week.. sigh..)

Streamed my first fashion show online, because I didn’t want to miss the next H&M collection premier. Saw a lot of items that I have put in my wishlist! Can’t wait for the collection to hit the stores.

My daily blog essentials. Oh and plus a dosis of inspiration.