INGLOT MAKE UPI want to talk Inglot today! I think I discovered this product for about half a year now. And my make up collection of this brand is starting to overrule the rest of my make up. This brand has so many lovely things, I have never left their store without buying a thing!

For the record, I am no make up guru or what so ever. Make up is just part of my daily ritual and I love to experiment with it! So, I like to share some of my collection that might inspire you :)

This post covers only the Inglot part of my make up. On a daily basis I use a mix of different brands of products.

1. Brushes
Brushes are an important asset in your make up bag. It will determine how your make up will turn out on you. The brushes I have from Inglot, are also available from other brands. Every brand uses different types of hair, it can be synthetic, natural or a mix. There is no right or wrong in my opinion, just choose the type of hair you are comfortable with. I prefer natural hair or at least a mix of it.

INGLOT brushesI have 3 types of brushes from Inglot. I still want a few other other brushes from this brand. Knowing myself too well, I think that is only a matter of time ;)

  • Contour brush. The shape of this brush, makes it easier for you to fade the color from dark to light. I mostly use this brush to apply my blush.
  • Foundation brush. With this brush I am able to divide the foundation or BB cream evenly and subtle over my whole face. You can cover your whole face in only a few seconds! It feels really nice after you have applied your foundation with this brush, it will feel super light.
  • Eyebrow brush. Another musthave in your brush collection. I have never put much effort in the eyebrow before. I think that it was Rose, who explained to me how important eyebrows are these days, so I try to follow her tips that she has created in the “eyebrow shading” post.

Face make up
Not everyone is blessed with a flawless skin. I know that I’m not. Luckily there are enough products in the world to help you out with this problem ;)
Now, on daily bases I use BB cream for my face. But when I want to step up my game for an event or shoot, I need more products to create a flawless look.

INGLOT make up

  • Make up base. I got this sample for free with my purchases. It makes your make up last longer in the perfect condition.
  • AMC cream foundation MW 102. I prefer to have my make up feel light (almost natural), therefore I normally use BB cream. But occasionally I like to use foundation to cover my skin, and this foundation is also moisturizing (ideal if you have dry skin).
  • Mattifying press powder 303. Even with the make up base, a shiny skin is almost inevitable without powder. This powder has a transparent color with a matte finish.
  • Face blush 42. For a “natural” glow on the face, I usually use this blush to color my cheeks.
  • Face and body illuminator 62. With this cream you can highlight some features, such as your cheeks, nose or the heart above your lips. OR, you can mix this with your favorite body lotion to have that shine and shimmer glance on your body.

Eye make up
I am a Chinese girl, with the common Chinese features, yeah the tiny eyes. So I would like to accentuate the eyes in such a way, so that they will appear bigger (deception).

INGLOT make up

  • Soft precision eyeliner 36. A colored line above your eye(liner) is an easy way to emphasize your eyes without having to put on too much eye make up.
  • Long & curly mascara. I have the habit to put on two different mascara’s. The first one is used as a base. Currently I am using this mascara by Inglot, because the brush is precise enough to cover every tine eyelash to create volume. After this I use an other mascara for more length.

INGLOT make up

  •  Eye shadow. You don’t say from this picture, but Inglot offers a wide range of eye shadow colors to choose from. The coolest part is that you can create your own palette with your favorite colors.

I barely use lipstick, but every now and then, I like to add some drama with some colored lips.

Inglot lipstick

These tree lipsticks are matte. Before I apply them to my lips I use a lipbalm to moisturize them. I still need to buy a lip pencil for the darker colors (there, more products for my next visit).

Nail polish
I think I am one of the laziest person on earth, when it comes down to nails. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when my nails are freshly done, but I am keeping it for weeks before I remove it again haha.. It’s better for me to put on some discreet colors, so it won’t be so noticeable how ugly it will turn out. 

Inglot Nail polish

  • Nail polish 364. I love this grey-ish color! One of my favorite nail polishes right now.

Make up remover
To me, skin care is one of the most important routines I have each day. Everyday I put some make up on my face, so it is necessary to clean my face thoroughly!

Inglot make up remover

  • Makeup remover. I use this remover on a cotton pad and gently wipe it over my eyes and across my face. After this I use my Clarisonic brush with some cleanser milk, to deep clean my face.
    To be honest, I am not totally fond of this product, but it is not too bad either. For eye make up, I would suggest a remover that is dedicated for your eyes only, because this make up remover does not remove it entirely for me. But I still use this remover for my face, before I use the deep cleanser.

Tadaaa.. this is my Inglot collection so far! And wow, this is my first make up post. Thanks for reading. I hope this post is useful to you somehow :) X

by Lily