Hola, mexico?! Hashtag by LilyHOLA everyone! It is 3am here in Mexico whilst I am writing this post. Yeah.. Jet lag kicks in. I hope it will be over in a few days, but for now I actually have the time to blog for a minute. The next 10 days I will be working off schedule, since it is unrealistic to keep up with the regular planning. Instead, I will bring you some Mexican flavour in the coming posts. Mexico through the eyes and thoughts of #byLily!

We are staying in a Riu hotel at Playa del Carmen. So far, the climate is nice (I am so made for these temperatures (around 30 degrees), I am definitely warm blooded), the resort is beautiful and the (local) people are super friendly. I can’t wait to explore the rest of this area!

This trip was supposed to be a quick escape to the sun and beach, since we are planning to make a bigger voyage later this year. Just a few days away. But after doing our research, we found out that Spain, Italy, Turkey etc. wouldn’t meet our requirements this time of year. We had to look further towards the equator, to find these tropical temperatures. Asia or Mexico made it to the short list eventually. The fact that we already been to a few places in Asia and even planning to go there again this year, it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

Now, this is the first time that Nigel and I are staying at an ‘all inclusive’ resort. Not necessarily something that we wanted, but considering the price and the purpose of this trip, it was the right decision. So far so good. It was nice to check in after 14 hours of traveling and just go to a well-prepared buffet without going through the hassle of searching for a restaurant in a brand new area (besides the buffet they also have 2 a la cart restaurants). And that is all we did yesterday haha. We were sooo exhausted that we couldn’t expand our sleep any later than 9 pm (we were already sleeping during dinner lol). And here I am, fully awake at 3 am in the morning. I can’t wait until the sunrise and discover what Playa del Carmen has to offer. Today we are planning to continue our jet lag at the beach. I hope that the pictures that I have seen on Google are true :) I am about to find out… Stay tuned!!