The heels guideI was typing this article about today’s look, when it suddenly led its own life and before I knew I created my own heels guide. Guess I am in the creative mood. I hope you like the twist of this post ;)

purple hair Rob Peetoompurple hair Rob Peetoom
Asos Glitter boots

purple hair and glitter boots

Aside from my purple hair, the attention of this look also went to my new glitter Asos boots (shop them with sale right now → here) Perfect for this festive season if you ask me! It turns every little outfit into a party and that’s the spirit that we are looking for this month ;)

Since I am always on heels, people ask me if the shoes I am wearing are comfortable. Of course it’s never better than wearing sneakers, but yes they are comfortable :) However, I don’t think my answer is the benchmark that you can rely on, since I have trained my feet to wear heels for a long time now.

You just have to be smart in your choice, so here is a little heels guide that works in my practice:

I am sure not everyone will agree with this list. Like I said, these are my standards. And yeah, you can always bring flats with you, just in case. I do that a lot when I am away, as a safety net. That’s where a big tote comes in handy ;)

Do you wear heels a lot too? Any other occasions that you would like to know what to wear?!

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