2017 – 2018

Probably my last post of the year, so I want to wrap it up with this article. Another satisfied 12 months that flew by. I can’t believe I am blogging for over 3 years now already! Each year I see a little growth and I am proud of that. Let’s reflect on 2017 and let’s talk about 2018, while sharing some pictures of the last couple of day!


Strasbourg hashtag by lily

Location: Strasbourg

Wearing: hat: Asos / coat: Mango / bag: Valentino

TRAVEL the world

My first
love: Travel. This has been central again this year. With 2-3 trips in a month
I have been traveling to 22 places this year. Every trip is work for me, even
if it doesn’t look like it, I come back even more exhausted. Yet, I get so much
energy and inspiration discovering new places. I go crazy if I don’t have a
next destination on the horizon yet.

The best
thing during my travels are the inspiring people that I have met and many of
them I can call my friends now.

It’s hard
to pick my favorite trip, but if I really have to choose I think I will pick my
travels with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong and The Philippines. Pinching myself
that seeing the world is my job. Something I will never take for granted,
especially going to poor countries like The Philippines, puts everything even
more in perspective.

Vondel park amsterdam

Location: Vondelpark; Amsterdam

Wearing: beanie: Mango / top: Uniqlo / coat: Zara / bag: Off-white / boots: Mango / belt: Gucci / gloves: Mango

So much more than just FASHION

Happy to
attended Fashion Weeks in NYC, Paris and Milan this year. Even this year I can see
that my style has slowly evolved. I am pretty open-minded. I let my style be influenced
by so many factors, like travels, magazines and the people I hang out with. So
this is what I have learned: you can’t do something wrong, as long as you wear
it with confidence, you can own any outfit! An outfit says so much about your
personality, I am all for playing with this and even inspire others on the way.


I remember
a few years ago, when I had my internship at a corporate company. Even within
the corporate dress code I made the effort to show up in a cute outfit every
single day, instead of switching between 2 suits. That’s just not me. That was
also my cue to do something in fashion after I finished my Masters degree.


Basically what I am trying to say is that life
is unpredictable (and too short), for the passionate people between us, we
should pursuit our happiness. Whether this is your career, a family, starting
your own business etc. If you want something, start chasing it! Just begin with
first steps and the rest will follow. With your faith and hard work, I am so
sure you will achieve!

Aedaen place strasbourg

Location: Aedaen; Strasbourg

Wearing: sweater: Erdem x H&M / pants: Stradivarius / bag: Gucci


During the
year I work with many brands that varies from fashion to life style products.
I’ve noticed that I have been pickier this year, with who I want to work with.
It’s about integrity too you know. I will never work with a brand that doesn’t
fit with Hashtag by Lily.

Although I
work with brands here and there, I am even more focused to find long term
partners to tie my name with. Partners you will still see in 2018. Schiphol and
Babyliss for example are here to stay and I am a proud ambassador for those.
Grateful that they believe in me and I hope we can continue creating inspiring
stories together.

Irish pub amsterdam

Dolla dolla bills y’all OFFICE

In November
I got my keys to the office called “Dolla Dolla Bills y’all”. I am sharing it
with a girlboss squad @celmatique, @girlonkicks & @wayta. I can’t tell you
how happy I am to have found them! It’s such an inspiring space for me to be
every day, that I even miss it in the weekends! These ladies have become my
sisters and we lift each other to a higher level. I am so much more productive
while having so much fun. For the first times in years I feel like I have
colleagues again. Very supporting ones! We are kicking off the year with a
blogger sale, so if you wonder what our office looks like, come hang out with
us. There will be snacks and music to swing on ;) More info about this here.

Location: Irish pub; Amsterdam

Wearing: hat: H&M / jacket: An Ounce / jeans: Monki / shoes: Parfois



2017 was a good
year. Lots of career highlights. So what do I dream of for 2018?

Plenty of
dreams to chase actually! To name a few:

my own item

to Australia, Hawaii and Iceland (and much much more.. the list in endless)

a year contract with a big label

an intern/help (creating more awesome content on the blog & Youtube)

a manager (I hate negotiating)


a new business


Location: Seehotel Pilatus; Luzern

Wearing: jumper: H&M / gloves: Mango / jeans: Topshop

schiphol high tea

Location: Schiphol; The Netherlands

Wearing: top: Scotch & Soda / skirt: H&M / boots: Mango

Thank YOU!

Last but
not least. Thank you, each and every one of you who support me with your time,
reading my pieces, commenting/liking my posts, sending me DMs. I feel truly
blessed to have a small community of positive people like you. But you know I
love you :) I wish you the very best in 2018! Let’s make our dreams come true!
I will cheers to that ;)


With Love,