Happy state of mind

Hi guys, how are you doing? Maybe it’s the sun but I can feel the happiness in the air! Things are going so well lately, I feel like I am on clouds, smiling all day long. And by the way, the amount of heart melting comments on the ‘Patience’ article this week was the cherry on top of that cake.

I didn’t expect to receive so much love, and for that I can’t thank you enough (also for the ones who take the time to read this blog)!! The interaction with you guys is something I cherish, so if you ever have a question, suggestion or anything you want to say, please don’t hesitate to do so :)

Put on that contagious ‘Happy’ song from sir Pharrel and let’s stay in this positive vibe for as long as possible!
Today’s photos reflect this happy state of mind perfectly. The sun-effect to its fullest with a gorgeous fountain backdrop in Brugge. It makes my outfit almost irrelevant ;P

I wore this super comfy outfit, because we were exploring Brugge that day. I don’t think you have seen these Stan Smits on the blog yet, but they are a perfect addition to any wardrobe. We all need a pair of white sneakers right?
Furthermore, I am super happy with the H&M beanie that I got on sale for only 3€! It was the perfect statement piece to make this look work and stand out.

Stay tuned for the ‘Lily goes Brugge’ travel article, where I will show you this adorable town in Belgium! Happy weekends for now darlings <3

Happy state of mind Happy state of mind Happy state of mind stan smith adidas

Happy state of mind Happy state of mind Happy state of mind Happy state of mind

sweater: Monki
coat: H&M (similar here)
beanie: H&M
shoes: Adidas
ring: &Otherstories
sunglasses: Carrera
tas: Etui bags

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