Eindhoven amazing sang lee

— January 6th 2017 —

The second diary article. I am so excited to have this new section on the blog!
Once or twice a month I visit my parents in Eindhoven. My parents own an Asian restaurant & supermarket, where I help them out when I go back. I exchange my fancy clothes and ‘glamorous’ life to work behind counter or working on some marketing related activities. I am super proud of my parents that they have build this enormous business from scratch since before I was born. Until this day they are still working their asses off, so it’s more than fair that I help them out every now and then.

I like it that I can share these things here too now :)

Happy weekend everyone!

x Lily


— Breakfast —

The biggest change since I follow the Newfysic program is that I don’t skip my breakfast anymore.

It is such an important meal to start the day. Three times a week I eat natural oats with soya milk (light) and I really like it!

— Hair & perfume —

I am currently using these two products from the Aveda damage remedy collection to style my hair. One is a heat protector and the Instant split end repair I use it afterwards.

damage remedy: Aveda / Instant repair: Aveda / ironer: Babyliss



— OOTD —

-3 Celcius!!! I was packed like an eskimo :D

coat: Lipsy / scarf: Storm & Marie / bag: Jimmy Choo / shoes: Uggs / suitcase: American Tourister


— Train life —


— Amazing Sang Lee —

I don’t think I have ever really showed you my parents store. I have only captured some pictures from the supermarket now, but there is also a restaurant in the front. I have to work tomorrow again, so I will make sure to make some pics for the next diary.

address:Woenselse Markt 17a, 5612 CR Eindhoven