You know me, loving all kinds of (expensive) brands. There is one brand in particular thought that is really on my radar lately, I am talking about Givenchy. Maybe I never really paid attention to their collection before, but right now I can fill my whole wish list with only Givenchy items! Unfortunately, I am not a lucky Givenchy owner of anything right now, but I am determined to invest in something good some day. So beware ;)

Even in sale I cannot afford them right now, but it is nice to see them :) Why am I such a materialistic girl!?! It would be a whole lot easier if I don’t keep falling in love with ‘stuff’. Well, there are more important things in life than the things I show you. That’s why I LOVE the quote of Coco Chanel:

The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.

Amen to that!!! ;)

  1. skirt (€1200 –> €715) : the shape of this skirt is PERFECT! I envision so many outfits in my head with this skirt!! sight…
  2. Obsedia bag (€800): I think, if I am ever so lucky to buy this bag (because it is sold out everywhere), I would go for the black one. But this burgundy color is also gorgeous don’t you think?
  3. watch (€790): I just want it! It is perfect!
  4. bracelet: To match the Obsedia bag hihi..
  5. heels (€895 –> €537): Really nice strappy sandals. I wonder how they fit and how ‘comfortable’ they are..
  6. Shopping bag (€790): My obsession with big black bags. This is no surprise ;)

by Lily