Get to know me tag Linsey Sijmons

— Questions by @LinseySijmons

You seemed to like the ‘Get to know me tag’ the last time (here). As we are driving back from Paris to Amsterdam now from Fashion Week, I let Linsey do the question round this time. Linsey and I know each other for almost 2 years now and are we both part of @hashtagSquadgals. We went to Ibiza last year, where Linsey and I bought the same ring at the hippie market. From that day on we call each other “my wifey” :D.

Anyhow, she is the most creative gal I know. She will be launching her new website concept soon. So definitely keep an eye on her!

x Lily

Orange oversized hoodie hashtag bylily

1. If you could be a man for 1 day, what would you do?
Lol! I am such a girly girl that I have never thought about this. I guess I would be curious to pee haha..

2. What’s the color of your toothbrush?
We have a white electric toothbrush. You buy the separate brushes in a package with 4 ring colors. I always have the one with a yellow or red ring around it. 

Hoodie orange paris

3. Where would you live if you could choose a place?
Right now I would say Hong Kong or London. Hong Kong because I love Asia and I have friends and family there. In London, because I love this city (going back next week!) and it’s close enough to keep seeing my friends and family in The Netherlands on a regular basis.

4. Choose between tea or coffee.
Aah that’s a tuff one, because I can’t live without both! I have to drink one coffee in the morning, otherwise I will get a headache around 2PM. The rest of the day I drink liters of tea.

If I really really have to pick, I guess I go for coffee then.. But only if the world depends on this!!!

Friends in Paris

5. Would you shave you head for 1 million (no wigs allowed)?
I know you would haha, but I think I will pass.. Something with too much pride? I just can’t imagine I would.

6. Which celebrity you would like to have as your bff?
I don’t know! haha.. Bruno Mars or Beyonce because I am a big fan. Hopefully I can get them to sing for me from time to time?

Street style casual
7. Sneakers or heels?
Heels! Need those centimeters. Especially if I walk next to you :D

8. If you could only have 1 bag, which one would you keep?
Waaaah another impossible one! I go for this Valentino bag then..

9. Which super power would you want to have?
That would be the power of a jumper from that movie ‘Jumper’. It’s my dream to travel the world, so it would be so amazing just to jump to an epic place, where ever you want to be. 

Sweater orange

— The Look —

The convenient part of going to Fashion Week with a blogger friend is that you can borrow each other’s clothes. I almost ordered this hoodie myself, until I saw Linsey wearing it in London. The sleeves are just the coolest! I paired it casually with jeans and I wore a striped turtle neck underneath.

— Outfit details —

hoodie: Asos / turtle neck: Zara / jeans: Zara / shoes: Mango / bag: Valentino

Ph by Nigel Fung-A-Loi
Location: Paris