Whahaha… I am so sorry, I feel like I somehow tricked you last time to like my post. Definitely #fail on my side! To be honest, I haven’t really payed attention while reading the invitation (as I already was enthusiastic about the fact that I actually got my first blogger event invitation :D) and I really must have used my imagination to come up with a post like that. It wasn’t a total waste though, I received the most likes ever for a post plus a lot of visits on my blog, therefore I thank you soooo much for supporting me!

So what now..? Well I hope you are still with me to help me win this contest! And I promise you this time that I am now 100% sure of what I am doing :) I have to select a few pieces of the brands that Fresh Comms (the host) is working with and try to win the items by obtaining the most likes through social media. OOOOoooooohhhh….. Shall we beat the 101 FB likes? ;) (I already saw a blogger with over 400 likes though!) I know I am doing this very last minute, because they are counting the results tonight. I had to work really long hours the last two days, so it was impossible to do the shooting. well.. at least I have tried right? :)

I would wear the items that I have selected with the outfit that I am wearing in the picture. Actually, each item will be a great asset to my wardrobe. So, here is the wish list:

Casio watch Casio watch. The famous casio watch, I mean what is not to like about it? When I saw this watch, it reminded me that I should have put it in my wishlist. It is not even too expensive. Love affordable fashion! There were a lot of nice Casio and Sheen watches, but in the end I know what I want and that is simplicity. There.. this watch I need to have in my collection (pleaseee).

La Liek bagLa Lieke. Everyone was ecstatic about this new brand La Lieke (from the Netherlands!). This was my first introduction to this brand and I do like the bags that I have seen, but I have to admit that it was not really me.. at least.. the women’s collection. My eyes were immediately on the oversized bags from the men collection! Now that I like!


Comma, leather jacketComma,. As we are in the middle of the winter and the real cold has yet to come, we are not really thinking about the spring collection. But behind the scenes brands are already prepping everything for the ‘spring/summer collection’ and so were the collections that Fresh Communications showed us. I chose this leather jacket because of the color and the material. I wasn’t all blown away at first, until I touched the leather.. it is super soft leather!!!

Fresh Comms HQ

Fresh Comms HQ (Unfortunately I haven’t made any proper pics from this evening, this picture is “stolen” from their website)

So contest aside.. How was my first blogger event?! Well, right before I was going to the event, I was reading the invitation for the address.. Right there it just hit me that I misread the whole idea of the contest. It was too good to be true yeah..
I drove past the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam many many times before, but never actually took a step in this building. It is soooo big in there! It was kind of fun to get lost in this building, it was like I was window shopping in an empty mall with super nice showrooms!

Anyhow, I finally made it to my destination without being too late. I got welcomed very warmly by the people from Fresh Comms with champagne and fancy sea food (sushi, oysters etc.) that was nicely displayed at the entrance. Noortje from Fresh Comms gave me a tour through their showroom and showed me the brands that they are working with. Also, I met a few cool bloggers at this event. I have been following a few of them for a while now, so it was nice to finally speak to them in person! And even better, some of them even recognized ME (yeah ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) *lol..
At the end of the evening, I got to take home a super cool goodiebag with items from Fornarina, La Liek, Comma and Duo. Thanks Fresh Comms for inviting me to this lovely event! I can’t wait to visit more blogger’s events in the future!!

Anyhow, don’t forget to LIKE! Thanks for support in advance guys! Now.. Fingers crossed!! X

by Lily