Festival boots

Festival season in full swing right now! When I think of festivals I think of music, freedom, dancing, happy people and cute outfits! I am going to Latin Village this weekend and I am still figuring out what to wear. So, this is more a ‘help me out’ kind of post today ;)

Shoes are worth a serious consideration. I mean, I am planning to dance from the beginning to end, so my usual heels obsession won’t do this time.
I was looking for the perfect festival boots to suit a cute little dress. I walked into the Invito this week and I was surprised to find so many great festival appropriate boots there.
I made a small selection for myself below. Which one shall I choose though!?

They didn’t have all the sizes for me at the store, but luckily they do have them on the website still. I selected my favorites below. Do you agree with me or do you have a pair to add?

Invito laarzen Invito laarzen Invito laarzen Invito laarzen
Invito dames laarzen

boots: Invito

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