Favorite color combination Hashtag by Lily

TGIF! Not so much for me though, because that is where work starts for me. On Fridays and Saturdays you can find me in Eindhoven helping out my parents . This Saturday evening and Sunday is reserved for some quality time with some good friends, helping them plan a wedding (me and my bf are the ushers). In between all this, I will meet Wendy (from Fabulous Style WS) for a bit to shoot some pics for our blogs. Busy bee this weekend, spending a lot time in my former home sweet home: Utrecht!

Favorite color combination HashtagbyLily.com

Whenever I step into a store, there are a few colors that I am always instantly attracted to: black, navy blue, grey and white. Not only are these colors great basic colors on their own, but they also work together so well! So it always safe to invest in these colors.

BLACK: these faux black leather pants are super comfy, warm and edgy. I do have to be careful how I wear it though, because they can shorten my length a lot! Consequently, I always have to pair them with high heels.

BLUE: to be specific: navy blue! This Alexander Wang shirt was a great investment as well. It is super basic with super quality. I can pair it with anything!

GREY: I bought this chunky scarf 10 years ago. I think that says enough ;)

WHITE: oke, the bag is not the plain white color I meant, but you get the picture. This bag was a gift in a goodiebag from Fashion Week. I always use these kinds of bags to carry my laptop or camera everywhere.

Favorite color combination HashtagbyLily.com

Favorite color combination HashtagbyLily.com

Favorite color combination HashtagbyLily.com

Favorite color combination Hashtagbylily.com

shirt: T by Alexander Wang / pants: Zara / scarf: H&M (old) / watch: Nixon / bracelet: Zara / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Alright, that’s a wrap for today! Enjoy your weekends folks! X