Fashion Piece translator 9
Aahh.. Remember my wardrobe dilemma, to dress for my first event (check it out here)? I ended up buying an expensive skirt from Helmut Lang, which I was eying on for a while now. It turns out that Zara made a similar version of this skirt for a very very affordable price! Last week I bought the Zara version as well (in black), because I wanted to see the difference. The quality of the fabric is huge and I have to admit that the Helmut Lang looks way better, BUT I may not have bought it if I knew beforehand that there was a substitute for only 1/6th of the price! Well yeah.. Now YOU at least know ;)

Enjoy the blue Fashion Piece Translator issue!! X

1. Asymmetric skirt
Assymetric skirt - Helmut Lang vs Zara

Helmut Lang €143 vs Zara €25,95

2. Sleeveless top
Sleeveless top - Calvin Klein vs Nelly
Calvin Klein €520 vs Nelly €21,95

3. Denim jacket
Denim jacket - J Crew vs Selected Femme

J Crew vs Selected Femme €79,95 –> €47,95

4. Basic sweater
Basic sweater - Maison Martin Margiela vs Mango
Maison Martin Margiela €795 vs Mango €10

5. blue pants
Blue pants- J Crew vs Forever21

J Crew €190 vs Forever 21 €13,45

6. Blue ballerinas
Ballerinas - Chloe vs Zalando

Chloe €450 vs Zign €59,95 –> €41,95

7. Blue clutch
Blue clutch - Saint Laurent vs Boohoo

Saint Laurent €750 vs Boohoo €22