Fashion Piece Translator 4 - Hashtag by Lily

I am back on schedule! Today with a new edition of the Fashion Piece Translator. When you are not that wealthy to buy whatever you desire, you need to be creative, finding ways to substitute the designer pieces that you love so much. That is what the Fashion Piece Translator is all about (every Tuesday on the blog). Making it convenient for you to get inspiration from the expensive brands or the affordable pieces. In either way, it’s fun to see the resemblances and its price differences right? ;)

1. Red clutch

red clutch - Fashion piece translator - christian louboutin vs zara
Christian Louboutin €695 vs. Zara €39,95

2. Studded bracelet

studs bracelets - saint laurent vs mango

Saint Laurent €295 vs. Mang0 €17,99

3. Black Tule skirt

Black sheer tule skirt - Milly vs. Zara

Milly €425 vs. Zara €79,95

4. White denim jacket

White denim jacket - Acne vs Mango

Acne €350 vs. Mango €39,99

5. Pastel green pumps

Pastel green pumps - Jimmy choo vs Topshop

Jimmy Choo €395 vs. Topshop €76

6. Black denim shorts

black denim shorts - j brands vs mango

J Brand €220 vs. Mango €19,99