Fashion Piece Translator 13

I know I know. It has been way too long. I kept postponing this Fashion Piece Translator because it took too much time to surf around the web to puzzle this article. Don’t get me wrong, I love this section to the heart! But if I am being realistic, it is hard to keep this up with my other blog duties around. As the blog schedule was a trial, I want to change it a bit. The Fashion Piece Translator will stay, but instead of a weekly fixed post on a Tuesday, I try to do this bi-weekly (still on the Tuesday ;)! Hope you are oke with that :) Enjoy these 6 neutral coloured translation today!

1. Playful tassel bag

Playful tassel bag - Sain Laurent vs Mango

Saint Laurent € 1.350 vs Mango €29,99 €19,99

2. Beige blazer

Beige blazer - Maison Martin Margiela vs Mango

Maison Martin Margiela €1.170 vs Mango €79,99 –> €39,99

3. Beige tote with studs

Beige leather tote with studs - Valentino vs Mango

 Valentino €1.520 vs Mango €39,99 –> €19,99

4. Nude strappy heels

Beige heels - Saint laurent vs Forever21Saint Laurent €550 vs Forever 21 €28,90

5. Nude knits

Beige knits - Chinti and parker vs MangokopieChinti and Parker €355 vs Mango €19,99

6. Beige Cowboy boots

Nude cowboy boots - Isabel Marant vs Forever21
Isabel Marant €370 vs Forever21 €30,95


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