Diary Weekend in France

A long weekend in France, brings a lot of great content for the blog. But mostly we really really enjoyed our time with our friends there. The wedding of Annie and Julien was the reason why we went there. But we have extended our stay to have some quality time in the city of love. Me and Nigel have taken some pics of our trip that I share with you in this diary today. A diary through the iphone from Lily and camera from Nigel! Enjoy!!!

From where I stand

From where I stand, very popular on Insta world :) We stayed in Rheims to bridge the trip to Dijon. Because the flu got to me that night, we had to stay in at the hotel. Here we were about to leave again, with our breakfast (fresh baked croissant and coffee) on the go. Ready for a 3 hour trip.

Yep 3 hour trip. What to do when you feeling ill and bored in the car.. Selfie time!!

With the bride
What a gorgeous bride Annie was! So honoured to be her guest witnessing her and Julien tying the knot. I haven’t made many pics of this day. Waiting to see the pics that the wedding photographer made from this beautiful day :)

OOTD wedding

My OOTD for this day. I know, AGAIN that Helmut lang skirt! But I can’t get enough of it :) I didn’t have time to buy a new outfit. However, I have never wore this combination together, so it counts as new right?! ;)

Such a peaceful scenic view to watch the sun set. What a perfect romantic wedding location!

Wedding table setting

Had to make a pic of the table setting of a delicious chic French dinner. I did taste it, but I can say that Foie gras is not really my thing *lol

With my sweet girl friends at the party <3

Breakfast at hotel Campanile

Great breakfast at hotel Campanile Dijon before we jumped in our car again to be our way to Paris! Can’t get enough croissants in France, they are super delish everywhere in France! By the way, feeling much much much better here. At least no fever ;)

Miss Manan Paris

First things first on our arrival in Paris: FOOD! We past by this cute lunch room and their sweets caught my eyes!

Miss Manon cakes

I couldn’t resist. How to choose from this?!

Miss Manon Charlotte aux fruits rouges

My final choice: Charlotte aux fruits rouges. Yummy in my tummy!!

Saint Paul Saint Louis

Saint Paul Saint Louis. We were just strolling around Le Marais without a purpose and enjoying the mesmerising architecture that Paris has to offer.

red door

What a beautiful door. I am always spotting locations to have a little shoot. This door was no different ;)

Strolling through Paris

My OOTD strolling around hot Paris with a fruit shake for the extra vitamins against the flu.

Le Marais Paris

The streets of Le Marais. It was Sunday, but the shops were open! I wish we had more time to spend here, because it was sale and they have a lot of boutiques that we don’t have here in The Netherlands. Another reason to come back asap ;)

Falafal Paris

Apparently a must try if you are in Le Marais. Everywhere you look, you see people walking with Falafal in their hands. There were so many falafal restaurants to choose from, so we choose the most busiest one with a big big cue. And oeeeeh.. It was really really really good!!!!!!

Nigel in Paris

My personal paparazzi for most of the pics on Hashtag by Lily.

Carnavalet garden shoot

Paris is also known by their secret gardens. Love how mysterious this city is. Paris always find a way to surprise you as a tourist. We came across different (hidden) gardens, but when we walked into the Carnavalet museum, I was astonished by the beauty of this garden. I was determined to shoot my outfit at this place and the result is amazing (check here).

Eiffel tower

Saying good bye to Paris appropriately with a shoot at the Eiffel tower (check here). It was extra busy because of the Tour de France, but luckily we managed to shoot some awesome photos that has been regrammed on Instagram a few times already :D

Au revoir France! You were good to us once again. I can’t wait to come back soon!! X Lily

By Lily