Fashionchick elke dag een look

I know I know it has been a while that I uploaded the diary. It suppose to be a daily diary, it still is, except with travels. I think it’s better to put the travel content together in a travel article, hence I haven’t been posting since Dubai. These content you will see it soon enough in a separate article :)

We got back from Dubai yesterday morning at 6 am. I had a little powernap until 10am and went straight to work mode. Happy that I don’t feel any jetlag, because I had a early wake up call at 6am for a Fashionchick call day.

Yay, you will see me in the 4th season of FashionChick ‘Elke dag een Look’ again. It’s always quite an intense day with tight schedules. But always so much fun with the team!

x Lily

— Eye mask —

 Estee Lauder concentrated recovery eye maskThe night before I already had a full face sheet mask, but I woke up with puffy eyes from the lack of sleep. My alarm was set early at 6am for a full day of Fashionchick call day. Doing some damage control here with an eye mask.

eye mask: Estée Lauder

 — Call day —

The call day started at 7.45am. First things first is fixing my face. Surraya always does my make up and hair flawlessly. Then it’s time for the last fittings before we go to the location to shoot the scenes.

After filming the look, there is a photoshoot planned. First time for me to work with team Kee & Kee. So much fun shooting with these babes. They both shoot at the same time. It felt like a paparazzi moment :D

Filming for fashionchick

Kee & kee photography

— Second look preps —

Behind the second and preparations for the second look.

Behind the scenes Fashionchick elke dag een look

Second fashionchick look elke dag een look

— Backstage fun —

Like  I said. It’s always a pleasure to work with the Fashionchick team. First time working with these two cuties!

Fashionchick team

— Southern Comfort —

As a Southern Comfort ambassador I regularly post my SoCo moments on Instagram. Here is a ‘It’s a wrap’ cheers’ with sweetie @daphisticated, after filming the whole day.

Southern Comfort

Oona pr

— Oona PR —

Psst.. I haven’t told you yet, but I am going to New York City this Friday to attend New York Fashion Week!! It was super last minute, hence I started the preppings right away. As the invite was super last minute, I am borrowing some items for my looks for the shows. Yesterday I went to Oona PR to get a few fashion pieces for the trip.

— Netflix —

After finishing a deadline at home it was time to chill. I prepped a Newfysic proof dinner: a wrap with a lot of veggies. I ate it on the couch, warm under the blanket while watching Gilmore Girls.