Denim dress styling

 — Socializing —

Thursday is always a busy day with lots of events. The perfect time to socialize for the blog. Yesterday I realized how much I have grown in this part. I am not a person who stands out in a group. When there is a group conversation, I prefer to listen and observe, rather then talk. I remember how excited and above all anxious I was for my first blogger event where I didn’t know anybody. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone and talk to strangers. Sure, many awkward situations have past and new etiquettes were learned and it’s actually still in progress. Keep practicing. That’s another reason why I go to so many events.

Nowadays I don’t think too much when I go to events. I am always open for conversations. I see it as a great new opportunity, one where you have nothing to lose. Every talk might lead to a new friendship, partnership or whatever relationship. A win-win situation really! Life would be so boring if everything comes naturally right?!

— Outfit —

When I received this denim dress I had so many styling ideas it in my mind. That’s always a good sign, therefore it is a great basic to invest in. The denim dip dye effect makes this one from Vero Moda even more special. I paired it with a sleeveless vest, which was another great investment piece. I like that the vest is a bit longer than the dress.

The choker necklace is a comeback-trend I thought I would skip. I guess I caved in after all, because it does give that extra something to a look. Finishing with a cute wallet bag from Paul’s Boutique to break the monochome. Et voilaaaaa!!

Denim dress styling

Denim dress styling

BeBold label choker necklace

amsterdam zuid

Theykens Theory boots

Pauls boutique marla

Denim dress styling

Walking gif

I had so many styling ideas it in my mind, therefore it is a very great basic to invest in.

Denim dress styling

Denim dress styling

— Outfit details —

dress: Vero Moda* (in stores March 16e)
sleeveless coat: River Island sleeveless coat* (sale)
necklace (choker): BeBold Label*
watch: Renard*
bag: Pauls Boutique Marla*
boots: Theykens Theory

Location: Amsterdam
PH by Nigel Fung-A-Loi

— Denim dress —

— Sleeveless coat —

— Paul’s Boutique bag —