Daisy von Dutch

— Personal —

I love working with talented people. Daisy von Dutch is certainly one of them. I met her two years ago at an event, when I just started with my blog. Last Fashion Week I ran into her and she contacted me to organise a little shoot together. We were brainstorming about new ideas, which is very refreshing from a not blogger point of view. I really can’t wait to roll out this plan and make some incredible art together.

Anyhow, Daisy joined me for a day, during Amsterdam Fashion Week. In my next article you can see the whole adventure that she has captured as my photographer of the day. Before we went to the shows, we headed to the Eye film museum for this quick shoot.

Love the different angles and how she incorporated the architecture of the building here. The photos turned out absolutely stunning for such a rushed shoot. Can you imagine how our next shoot will be like with more time? All credits to this lady!

— The Look —

My outfit for the second day of Fashion Week. All eyes went to these interesting Mojito shoes from designer Julian Hakes. He was a bridge architect, to explain the interesting design a bit. A perfect Fashion Week eye catcher.
Also, I was wearing this Boohoo skirt, which reminds me a lot of Self-portrait‘s designs, but much much much more affordable :) And the top, I bought it at a random boutique when I was traveling through Indonesia.

So what do you think? Yay or nay?!

x Lily

Daisy von Dutch

julian hakes

jane koenig rings gold

Chloe Drew bag red

Daisy von Dutch

julian hakes shoes

Daisy von Dutch

Daisy von Dutch

Daisy von Dutch

Daisy von Dutch

— Outfit details —

top: from a random boutique in Bali
skirt: Boohoo
bag: Chloé
shoes: Julian Hakes (sale)
rings: Jane Koenig

location: Eye film; Amsterdam
PH by Daisy von Dutch

— Julian Hakes Mojito heels —