— Something new —

After my last post 2 days ago I was brainstorming about my blog. I want to do something new, to keep Hashtag by Lily an interesting place for you to visit. I did an attempt to make a vlog, but I think I figured out quickly that it’s not for me to do it every single day. Still I want to share more personal things here that you don’t see in my regular blog articles, less editorial, more real, that you find in vlogs. 

I love creating awesome editorials and experiences, but you guys know that’s not how my daily life looks like. Maybe this is a first step towards vlogging some day ;)

Video is not persé my thing yet, but making snaps with my iphone is! So why not keep a daily diary of everything that interests me, what’s on my path and much more like a little scratch book from my perspective.

I want to test this out! I probably picked a very boring day to start the daily diary, but that’s also life. Some days I have a lot to share and some days not. I hope you like this idea too and keep coming back for more ;) 

Tell me what you want to know and I try to show or answer this in these daily items! 

x Lily

— OOTD —

bra: Marlies Dekkers / top: Storm & Marie / jacket: Zara / jeans: Monki /
shoes: Isabel Marant / bag: Jimmy Choo


— Newfysic —

I started with the Newfysic diet before the America trip. I visit the nutrition coach every week. I lost some kilos in the mean time, but I got a relapse during the holidays. I got addicted to sugars again, so I needed a detox day that you normally do when you start with the Newfysic program.

The detox day they call it ‘appeldag’ (apple day). 5 to 7 apples from breakfast to lunch together with the supplements and ‘purify’. After 4pm I had a clear chicken soup and for dinner I followed the normal program. I will capture my meals more clearly in the coming diaries, so you have an idea how it looks like.



— Clinique make up —

Trying out Clinique make up. Very satisfied with the foundation and love the matt finish of the lipstick.

foundation: Clinique / lipstick: Clinique

— Studio sweet & sour —


studio-sweet-sour-stationary goal digger

I am addicted to stationaries. I was sold when I saw the Studio Sweet & Sour collection in the PR showroom. Lucky me I got to pick these as a gift. How cute right?! The goal digger notebook is my favorite <3

all stationaries: Studio Sweet & Sour

— running errands —

It was almost 4pm which meant that I was almost finished with the apples here for the detox. Hungry while doing groceries is never a good idea.


— Squadgals takes Ibiza —

We have released the first episode of the Hashtag Squadgals takes Ibiza saga. There are 4 in total. We have big plans with this crew, so expect many more epic videos on our channel. Make sure to subscribe to not miss a thing ;) –> subscribe here