— Update —

It’s almost 4am. I just finished packing my suitcases for 2,5 week California! The fact that I have to get up in less than 3 hours and still typing behind my laptop says enough about how crazy I am. On average, I have been sleeping less than 5 hours per night this week. So I am not very surprised that my body decided to shut down, and yet still I kept on working. I know, listen to my body. I found it very frustrating to cancel two appointments these last two days, simply because my voice was gone. When did I become this work-a-holic? I used to be that lazy girl!

I don’t know. Things are way more serious now. The bigger my blog gets, the more responsibility I feel. And this is all a good thing! Anyhow, once I am on the plane tomorrow (I would be very anxious probably with my fear of flying), I will be offline for 12 hours. That’s one way to force myself to relax :) Though, I hope I won’t get any withdrawal symptoms ;) See you on the other side guys!!


I hope I won’t get any withdrawal symptoms






— The Look —

This was my first outfit for Paris Fashion Week. People went frantic about these glitter boots, because they are even more bling bling in real life. They are so amazing, especially for the price! Furthermore, I adore this oversized blouse where I unbuttoned the sleeves to make it flare. The finishing touch was the Gucci Padlock bag that I just bought the day before.

— Outfit details —

blouse: Zara / jeans: Topshop / boots: Public Desire / bag: Gucci

Location: Paris
PH by Larissa Bruin (