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— Good will —

I am preparing this post in the plane right now on our way to Dubai. We are sitting next to a guy from The USA, his name is Joshua. He missed his other flight to Africa, so he has to make a detour via Dubai.
He was talking about his work to help people in need in third world countries, like Haiti and Africa. He showed us some pictures while telling the horrible stories behind the smiling  photos of kids. Oh men, mayor respect for him!

These kinds of stories bring me back to earth in a rapid speed. Makes me rethink everything, because suddenly it feels so unimportant to write about a new skirt or a pair of shoes. Or that I almost bought a Gucci bag at the airport.

Okay, I am all about the balance, because fashion is really my passion. But I think there should also be something where I can contribute to make this world tiny bit a better place.

SO on 11278 meters above ground now I decided to pick a good will project to support this year. I only don’t know which one yet. If you have any suggestions, please advise me on this :)

Hashtag by lily

pink blouse

If you have any suggestions, please advise me on a good charity..

Sophia Webster boots

FASHION blogger mdina malta

hashtag by lily asos skirt

Dolce Gabanna red sunglasses

YSL bag

I love friday skirt asos

— The Look —

Despite I just said that it’s not about the skirt or shoes, these are the small things that does make me happy. I am materialistic in many ways, knowing that it isn’t a good characteristic perse. What can I say, I am a fashion girl by heart. But that’s why I want to try to find a balance in this now.

We shot this look in Malta, within the Mdina walls. I was dressed up for the shoot, because I know Esmee always take good pictures.

This is a look I would wear to Fashionweek! I love the layer of the skirts combined with a oversized pink blouse. The Sophia Webster shoes is always a good statement piece. Finished the look with the bold red sunnies from D&G that I got via Zalando.

— Outfit details —

skirt: I love Friday (sale) / shirt: Asos / bag: Saint Laurent / sunglasses: Dolce & Gabanna via Zalando /
socks: River Island / shoes: Sophia Webster / necklace: Louis Vuitton / watch: Cluse

PH by Esmee Rudolf (
Location: Mdina; Malta