Caribbean paradise akumal mexicoHmm.. Time is passing by soooo incredibly fast! I can’t believe we are almost leaving already. It’s like I am living in a dream and don’t want to wake up. I really try to be in the moment, pinching myself a lot, enjoying that moment to the fullest. Luckily there are a lot of pics for me to reminisce about this wonderful time in Caribbean paradise. I am going to tell you about my favorite day so far with a big tip!

First I am going to show you my little OOTD. The OOTDs in Mexico are mostly about swimwear as I am in water every single day.

Caribbean paradise akumal mexico Caribbean paradise akumal mexico

bikini: Asos / short: Zara / bracelets: Mango / sunglasses: Ray Ban

Since we have discovered the ‘collectivo van’, we have been exploring Cancun on another level. This time we took the van to Akumal, because we heard another rumor that there is a big chance that we can find some turtles there.

And OMG, not much later I was swimming with a giant turtle (bigger than me) in the open sea. I couldn’t believe my eyes (I think I have swallowed a lot of salt water from the shock) and I was stalking that turtle the whole afternoon! I think I have seen 5 turtles in total that day! The happiness that I was feeling at that moment was indescribable! I made sure that I had captured that moment in my mind and with a pic :)

Travel companies try to keep the name of this destination a secret so that they can make big money on tourists with it. The truth is, it is super easy to take the ‘collectivo van’ from Playa del Carmen to Akumal for only 35 pesos (2 Euro) and then take a 10 min walk to the beach. 100% guarantee that you can find a turtle on your own! You don’t even need a snorkel guide to find them! Saving you hundreds of pesos all together this way. Just snorkel where a bunch of people is swimming already, big chance that they already spotted one for you ;)

Caribbean paradise akumal mexico Caribbean paradise akumal mexico

Akumal turtle
I can stalk and stare at him all day <3

Caribbean paradise akumal mexico

Can’t say that I can live up to this right now (#trueinternetaddict), but I definitely aspire to do so. That’s a start right?! ;)

Caribbean paradise akumal mexico

The ones who know me very well, knows how ecstatic I am with this chilly lime mango :D

Caribbean paradise akumal mexicoThe worst yoga pose of me ever *lol

I have some more adventures for you that I can’t wait to share! Hasta luego amigos!! X