March recap

And *pooeeff (!) I am now in Mexico baby! Whooohoooo!!! I am actually writing this post in the air right now, so I am not quite there yet gehehe.. The last few days were sooo fully packed that I haven’t written a proper introduction to this trip yet. That will not be a problem though, because I have this feeling that you will hear a lot of ‘Mexico’ this and that, in the coming posts :)

Traveling is the other love of my life. Although I always fear the trip by plain, it has never stopped me from going to beautiful destinations in this world. Sure I do my prayers before departure (and I am not even religious hihi) and clamping my hand to the victim next to me. But once the wheels hit the ground again, the fun can begin!!!

Like I said, I was so busy this week that I literally did my packing the very last minute, last night. I decided to deprive myself from my beauty sleep until the flight. Besides I totally needed the time to prep for this trip, it was a tactic decision as well to survive the 14 hour flight (with one stop in Cuba). I have slept a few hours, but I know I will arrive as a zombie though. Arg who cares, I can totally picturing myself on the beach in just a few hours hihi..
Even in the plane I am thinking of you, making this post possible. I am not sure if I can keep up with the busy schedule that I have assigned myself with, but you can expect some quick updates if I can find the time here in paradise. For live updates follow my Instagram account, here!

We still have one day before this lovely month March ends already. Oh Happy birthday dad!!!! Wish you all the best and I hope you will have a wonderful bday with the fam today! Gosh the time is flying by soooo fast. I am glad that I have this (visual) diary to capture all the moments of my life right now. A March recap of #byLily:

  • Started a new section on the blog: The Fashion Piece Translator.
  •  ‘Launched’ my own Youtube channel to spread my outfits (for now) videos in another way.
  • Created a blog post schedule, so that I can work more efficiently and readers like you know what to expect every day.
  • I have met a lot of new bloggers and I even had a shooting date with bloggers Wendy, Virgit and Carmen.
  • Initiated a bloggers event Meet, Talk & Blog for us bloggers to network and just to have a fun day together.
  • Attended the #IAFBC, Internet Advantage Fashion Bloggers Clinique. Thank you guys so much for the assistance to improve #byLily further.

As you can see, I haven’t been sitting still at all! By evaluating every month of my blogger life I can see the progress that I am making, which I am absolutely proud of. I couldn’t do this all by myself, so I really need to do a shout out to Nigel and Monique for always being there for me! Oke, I am going to wrap this post now by showing all the outfits of March! Enjoy!

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