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WAaaah the sale season has officially started! I don’t know how to maintain my cool. How do you stop a shop-a-holic in the hardest circumstances?! How can you not get greedy seeing all those things that you have been eying on for so much less?! I need to avoid the shops as much as possible the coming period, because I know myself too well. Any tips to save my bank account?

I stayed up all night to make this post possible. I must look like a panda bear right now :) But once I started, I couldn’t stop. Little did I know, I have been collecting soooo many items this season! It’s a little bit scary how much I buy at Zara. A true wake up call! My next resolution is to buy less next season (good luck Lily)! No, it’s true hihi.. Need to save my money for my next big trip in October!!

Well, I hope I can help you make some choices. Click on the title to direct you to the product in a new screen. And click on the picture to go to that particular blog post to see more pics.

1. Zara skirt – €49,95 –> €35,99
Zara skirt sale2. Zara white tee€19,95 –> 14,99
Zara white tee sale

3. Zara blue palm top€29,95 –> €19,99
Zara blue palm top sale

4. Asymmetrical dress€45,95 –> 25,99
Zara blue dress sale

5. Steve Madden heels€99,99 –> €69,99
Steve Madden heels sale

6. Zara pineapple top€27,95 –> €19,99
Zara Pineapple top sale

7. Zara sheer bomber€29,95 –> €19,99
Zara sheer bomber sale

8. Zara crop top – €7,95 –> €4,99
Zara crop top sale

9. Zara white bag€79,95 –> €59,99
Zara white bag sale

11. Zara sandals –  €99,95 –> €69,99
Zara sandals sale

12. Zara trench coat€89,95 –> 59,99
Trench coat zara sale

13. Zara yellow sweater€29,95 –> €19,99
Zara yellow sweater14. Zara silver heels sandals – €59,95 –> 35,99
Zara Silver heels sandals sale

15. Zara palm tree shorts €29,95 –> 19,99
Zara palm tree shorts sale

16. Mango Stripe skirt –  €29,99 –> 14,99
Mango stripe skirt sale

17. Mango jumpsuit€19,99 –> €14,99
Mango jumpsuit sale

18. Monki skirt – €30 –> €15
Monki skirt sale
19. Mango shirt €39,99 –> 24,99
Mango shirt sale 20. Zara box clutch€49,95 –> €39,99
Zara box clutch sale

21. Mango crop top€29,99 –> €19,99
Mango stripe Crop top sale

22. H&M pencil skirt €39,95 –> €20
HM split skirt sale

23. H&M cupro dress€39,95 –> €20
HM cupro dress sale

By Lily