Hashtag by Lily July 2015

July started super busy with Amsterdam Fashion Week but after this it was pretty quiet in the ‘vacation period’. I really notice this in my schedule. I took this time for seeding for the coming months and I was working on my new business with Larissa. What I can tell you is that it finally gets it forms, according to the planning I am allowed to tell you more about this by the end of September :)

Furthermore, I am really happy to have done a few giveaways last month: Lagoen bikini, YSL nail polish, Printic polaroids (you can still participate!). This way, I can return the love I get with a little gift to you.
Outfitwise it was super diverse this month, which makes it hard to compare them. My favorite is number 3, where I style this tee with my own “logo” for Fashion Week. Which one is your favorite this month?

1. Wide pants praising

Wearing wide pants

2. Casual before Extravaganza
Casual before extravaganza

3. Amsterdam Fashion Week look
Amsterdam fashion week look1

4. Tony Cohen ensemble
Tony Cohen ensemble

5. Zalando reporter
Zalando reporter

6. Grateful

7. Memories are timeless treasures of the heart
Memorie are timeless treasures of the heart

8. Learned it the hard way
Learned it the hard way