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Hi guys! After months of figuring out how the blog world works, I am still constantly experimenting to conquer a little place in this amazing, fun world. At the same time I am trying to find the right balance for this blog and try keep thinking outside the box. In the last few weeks I am posting outfits like crazy (up to sometimes 4 times a week! -for me that’s a lot ;)-). However there was never a consistency in the timing of posting, it was rather random.
I decided to practice one of the many useful tips that Yara passed through, during the blog class event. She was talking about an editorial calendar, a term that originates from the magazine world. Basically, it is about planning your blog posts on a weekly, monthly and maybe even yearly basis.

I think a blog post schedule will work for me and for you as a reader a lot! With a schedule I can prioritize my activities to work more effectively. For you as a reader it is nice to know what to expect every time you want to visit the blog. I know it is a packed schedule, so I try to keep this up for now as a trial and evaluate plus improve this over time!

So, let me elaborate this blog post schedule. The outfit post is the most common post, where I show you my OOTDs. The Fashion piece translator is an experiment that I am currently doing with a lot of pleasure, here I compare expensive brands with affordable pieces (see here for the first edition ;)). Thursday is scheduled for something different, I call it a surprise post :D, for example an outfit video or a product review. And finally the personal post is about my life, such as a Instagram recap (see here) or something that I have encounter along the week.

Today it is Sunday, so let start right away with this schedule, with some behind the scenes pictures from the outfit post that I will publish tomorrow.

Behind the scenes #bylily Behind the scenes #bylily

Behind the scenes #bylily

Behind the scenes #bylily

Behind the scenes #bylily

Happy Sunday!! See u tomorrow ;) X