Hi everyone,

Some of you might wonder why Rose hasn’t been posting lately. Well.. the reason behind this, is that due to personal circumstances, Rose has quite the blog. I know that it is the right decision she made, so I will support her in any way and wish her all the best with everything! We might no longer be “business partners” but she will always be my best friend! :)

Meanwhile, I kept posting my content on this blog, because I TRULY LOVE doing this! I mean, the responses I receive for this blog (whether it is on this blog or on other platforms) are sooo sweet and nice, it really motivates me and keeps me going and improve myself to show you the best I can (sounds a bit cliché but it is true :)).

Now, I have been brainstorming about the name of this blog, since the name “by Lily Rose” is really tied to me and Rose together. Feel free to give me some suggestions, because I find it SUPER hard to find something orginal and still me. I have been thinking about to keep the “by Lily” part (unfortunately is already taken), but perhaps in combination with an other word in front of it.

Until then, I keep using this URL and layout for posting my stuff. I hope I can give you more info and good news very soon! I hope you understand the situation.

Thanks!! :)

x Lily