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— Target group —

This week I was talking with the country manager of Vestiair Collective about social media. It’s interesting to see that each country can differ so much when it comes down to social media popularity. Instagram is very popular in The Netherlands, but in Spain is Twitter the main medium. Meaning that each marketing campaign should be adapted to local needs.

Most of the things I wrote below is common sense, yet it is good to be aware of the pros and cons of each medium and about their coexistence. I think this article can be useful for bloggers so you can pitch your value when negotiating in a collaboration. A blog is not only a blog anymore. It’s also about how you are profiling yourself in your social media presence. You are your own brand. With the right set of channels you can differentiate yourself. For brands this article might be useful to help you roll out a social media marketing strategy with a blogger.

— (Social) Media Role—

First we need to know what the role of each social media can play. To be clear, this is not a scientific paper, this is really about my vision and perspective from a blogger. I also have a marketing background, so I can also place myself on other side of the business. I picked a few socials that are the most relevant at the moment:


Create a temporary buzz with an Instagram photo showing a glimpse of an outfit, food or event for example. I say temporary as the visibility drops with time. Most professional Instagrammers have their posting strategy – read here– of taking care of their feed, meaning that most of them are very picky and selective of what they post (including me). This might limit the actuality and completeness of a post.

Instagram can be used in a campaign, before as a teaser, during to create the buzz, after to refer to the blog. The popularity of this medium provides a big reach with high engagement rates.

– If Instagram implements their new non-chronological order it might decrease the level of the engagement, because some accounts might not be shown at the right time anymore.


Twitter is in a way similar as Instagram, but short message driven. The difference here is that you can update more frequently, sketch an actuality report or initiate discussions. Next to this, it’s a great medium to share links. As fashion is very visual, it is harder than other markets to build a strong following.

I rarely tweet about my articles anymore. The tweets I post are reposted via Instagram via ITTT. BUT, in some countries Twitter is the number 1 social media. When I was travelling in Indonesia for instance, I updated my Twitter more often.


Facebook is the number 1 medium for me when it comes down to referring traffic to the blog. Furthermore, I sometimes repost Instagram updates here. I notice that my Facebook account has a different target group, the audience is older, compare to Instagrammers.


As the time span is getting smaller and smaller, followers want to know right away what you are doing, Snapchat is the medium for this. Like a mini vlog, it has a very personal touch as you can show your followers exactly what you are doing at the moment. Whether it’s an event, fashion show, dinner, friends etc. you can report this as elaborately as you want to. Unlike Instagram, your snaps are relatively non edited content, followers appreciate the ‘realness’ of what you share.

The downside is that the content is very difficult to measure for companies and it’s only available for 24 hours. I often save my videos and edit it in a video to put on Youtube to not waste the footage. I am very curious how Snapchat will have a bigger role in the blogosphere.


Youtube is the most promising channel at the moment I think. The audience is younger and eager to engage. It’s a market I have not yet explored. I am currently following some vloggers and I slowly got hooked to it. With this medium you can shine with your personality. The content possibilities are endless and the community makes it investment-worthy.


I mainly use Pinterest for inspiration. However, I know bloggers who provide great photography who uses Pinterest as their main traffic driver to the blog. An area where I still need to step up my game.


I put ‘blog’ in this list because it’s the foundation of this marketing mix. The blog article is the final place where the followers will find all the information and links. Even in the long run these articles will still be read via SEO.


Has anyone experimented with Periscope? I have never tried this one before, but I know that it’ s live video streaming. At the moment I am too occupied with all the other social media to start another one. I am very curious to see what the added value can be for a blogger.

— Cross Media—

That social media is an essence in marketing campaigns is clear. Yet, which one should be deployed during certain campaigns? The one is perfect for temporarily boost and the other one is better for the long run. Plus every medium has its own target group that shouldn’t be underestimated.

I am a firm believer of cross media use to create the buzz, where each channel has it’s own function and complement each other to increase visibility to roll out a successful campaign.
As you can see there are too many channels out there to do it all perfectly, unless we have a whole team to help out. I suggest to pick a few you like and are the most valuable for your blog to focus on and experiment with.

Let me know if this article was any help or if you have something else to add. It’s a subjective subject, so feel free to start a discussion. Sharing is caring!

x Lily

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