Bag inspiration

Bags are my biggest weakness. I don’t mind to saving up money to invest in a bag for a life time and possibly longer. I guess I got this from my mums, because until this day I still enjoy her (vintage) bag collection that I see as my heritage some day :D
In this article I talk about 3 kinds of bags that I think it’s investment-worthy. Also I selected some bags for inspiration from affordable prices to plundering your savings prices. Of course, ideally we would love to own all of them in our closets right?!


80's fringe snake streetstyle

wearing Rebecca Minkoff


A black shoulder bag is a safe zone. We all need a black shoulder bag in our life that goes along with any outfit. You can invest in a very expensive one, but there are great ones in every price categorie.

 Italian atmosphere

wearing Celez

— Nude colored bags —

I didn’t know I needed a nude colored bag, until I got one as a present. This color is very easy to style to lighten up your outfit. I wear this color a lot during spring summer, because my looks are mostly pastel color oriented.

 karl lagerfeld clutch cat

wearing Karl Lagerfeld

— Funny bags —

I am all up for quirky items. It’s something I learned to appreciate when I was searching for my style. I love to incorporate a fun factor in my daily life, weather it’s an iphone case, a notebook or a fun bag. Plus, it’s the perfect conversation starter when you are socializing :D