Behind the scenes - week 19

Happy mommy day everyone!!! Spoiling the mommies big time today as they deserve it!

It is harder than I thought to find topics for the ‘personal Sunday’ post. Most of the time I am focussing on the OOTD posts, because I have to plan them ahead each week. When I was scrolling through my camerarol I saw these pictures from this week again. Maybe it is fun to share more of these kinds of pics? I should make more pics tracking my personal life aside from the blog anyway.

Excuse me for some bad quality pictures taken with the phone. Spent some time with Virgit and Maxime this week. Shooting a video and some OOTD photos. Below you can see how we roll ;)

Hashtag by Lily & Preppy Fashionist

The ‘it’s a wrap’ pic with Virgit, after shooting a whole afternoon.


Behind the scenes MEUQ video

Accidentally ended up in a video for the MEUQ launch. I can’t wait to see the end result. Do you want to attend the Meuq release party? Check it out –> here.


Behind the scenes - Hashtag by Lily
A stunning peacock in a beautiful garden on ‘set’ ;)

Behind the scenes - Lily Tjon & Virgit Canaz
Aaaandddd… ACTION! Shooting the posing queen, Virgit Canaz in Haarlem.


Behind the scenes - Preppy Fashionist & Britta Maxime
Britt and Virgit in action. With a gorgeous end result, check it out –> here


Behind the scenes - Britta Hashtag by Lily, Maxime & Preppy fashionist
‘It’s a wrap’ pic with Maxime and Virgit. It was such a fun day with these sweeties!

By Lily