Away from keyboard

Who is watching The big bang theory as well?! I got this title from Sheldon’s abbreviation ‘AFK’ (away from keyboard). I think this is an excellent title to show you all my offline blog activities.
While my Instagram account covers a big part of this already, it still doesn’t show you everything that is going on sometimes, because I don’t want to spam my Instagram followers too much. So I try to combine the bi-weekly instagram summary with some extra photos to have a peek in my life when I am away from my keyboard working on the blog. 

1. Shooting with Virgit (
A shoot in Rotterdam after the ‘I love Fashion bloggers’ event. My first night shoot. Virgit did such a great job, capturing this look and the surroundings. I love love love this shoot! Check out the post here.
Shooting in Rotterdam

2. Ready to Fish for Colgate event
Colgate teamed up with Ready to Fish and designed a very comfy sweater. I attended the launch of this collaboration with fun activities. There was a styling contest, styling the new sweater. Also, there was a smiling & catwalk workshop with a studio photoshoot. The event took place at the amazing Ready to Fish brand store in Amsterdam. It was raining cats and dogs that evening. So, after this event I quickly changed into a casual outfit with the comfy  sweater for a quick bite.

Ready to Fish for Colgate

Ready to Fish for Colgate

3. Shooting date with Formula (
I am following this persian beauty for a while now. I finally met Farah the other day at the launch. We decided to plan a shooting and lunch date. I am so glad we did! We talked for hours with the most delicious scones at ‘De bakkerswinkel’!
Shooting date with Formula Farah

4. A gift from Steve Madden
Steve Madden knows how to make girl happy! My very first bloggers gift that is send to my home. Every first is special right?! Check out the badass heels that I got, here.
A gift from Steve Madden

5. Shooting at Westcord Fashion hotel Amsterdam
Virgit and I had the opportunity to shoot some chic dresses at the Fashion Hotel. It was the perfect location for this ‘assignment’. The first time for both of us to shoot indoors. Thanks Westcord Hotels for providing your beautiful space for this shoot. I can’t wait to show it to you next week. Check out Virgit’s first look, here.
Westcord hotels Amsterdam photoshoot

6. Rolling Kitchens Amsterdam
A festival in Amsterdam with delicious food selling from the most cutest and the most orginal food stands! That I cannot miss of course! ;) My favorite? The dirty ducks! Than again, it was impossible to try out everything to make a proper statement. Next year I should go every day instead of just one evening.
Rollende Keukens Amsterdam

Rollende Keukens Amsterdam

Rollende Keukens Amsterdam

7. Shooting date with Larissa (
So much fun shooting with the girl with the gorgeous big hair! I can’t wait to shoot with her again. She has the best ideas of how and where to shoot and had an eye for every little detail. First post is up on the blog already, check here. Tomorrow you will see the second look she shot ;)
Shooting date with Larissa Bruin

8. Shooting date with Lauren (
I met Lauren during my vacation in Mexico. We had so much fun together that we stayed in touch, back in The Netherlands. We met up again this week for a ‘double-sushi-date’ with our boys. Of course we couldn’t pass the opportunity to shoot together. I am starting to enjoy photography a lot more! Especially when I see the end result when the blogger is actually posting the pictures that you shot!
Shooting date with Lauren Samson

By Lily