Photo diary Hashtag by LilyEven though I have fly anxiety, it never stopped me from travelling the world. Flying somewhere over Finland while I am writing this article. As you will see in this diary, there was zero time for me this week to prepare this post before my flight to Tokyo, as I had planned. Maybe it’s for the better, because I got to do a lot of fun stuff this week and now I can take the time in the air during my 10 hour flight to write you this article. I will make sure to capture this adventurous journey in Japan the best I can and share this with you here on Hashtag by Lily! So keep an eye on the blog for the first episode soon ;)

Let’s have a glimpse in my week before Japan:


Cafe toussaint AmsterdamLiving life in the fast lane lately. Keeping myself busy with interesting meetings and seeking for possibilities to pursue my goals.
However, I still need to make time for the important people in my life. My bestie was visiting me in Amsterdam for a day and I was glad that we could spend some quality time together before I leave for a month. We had this great lunch at Café Toussaint in Amsterdam.

Burger bar Amsterdam

After a day of catching up and shopping it was time for our dinner at Burger bar, for the best burgers in town!


On the goOn the go to meet Iris to shoot two outfits. That explains the big backpack ;)


Coffee and yummy pistachio pastries between shootings. For the non-bloggers readers, we often change our looks for the next shoot during these breaks, in the restroom ;)

A dash of fashIt’s a wrap!! Fun catching up with this lady. I got so excited hearing her New York stories. Makes me wanne go back sooooon!! Maybe next year?! ;)

Boohoo magazine

Got featured in the Boohoo magazine. I haven’t seen it yet, but Iris sent me this snap shot.



One of the busiest days this week filled with appointments. Started with a lunch with my darling Monique. She is one of those people who have supported Hashtag by Lily from the start and I love her for that <3 Grateful that I can always count on her in my team!!

Heel up collaboration

Later I met up with Dominique, the founder of Heel up. I always admire (young) people like her, who take the risks and work so hard to chase something they deeply believe in. Their energy inspires and motivates me to do the same.
Anyhow, as you may know, I am (proudly) the ambassador of Heel up now. You saw me wearing “the incredible black” feathers to London Fashion Week (see here) and this time I am taking some more designs from the collection with me to Tokyo Fashion Week! I can’t wait to show you the looks that I have created!

After our meeting we went to Yam Yam PR together. Networking is key if you want to make it in this world. So I am always up for some new connections :)

dinner pasta

Final meeting of the day was a date with lovely Nathalie. We haven’t seen each other for a while, so we had enough subjects to catch up on. The funny thing is that we found out that we were going to the same event the next day.



Early morning in the train to Roermond, to attend ‘The denim icons’ event at Roermond shopping outlet. I have to say that this is one of the best organized events that I have been to so far. Since it was a 2 hour trip from Amsterdam, Nathalie and I decided to catch up on the emails and blog.

Taxi selfie

Feeling like princesses when the fancy taxis picked us up at the station. The mandatory taxi selfie here with the selfie queen herself!

denim the icons

The event started with a delicious lunch and a great presentation by Linda Tol. After this, we went to several denim stores, where we got to know more about the brands and even more interesting, the history of denim. I have learned a great deal about denim on this day. I always loved styling denim in my looks, but I will appreciate it even more now after this fantastic workshop!

Linda Tol

With the one and only Linda Tol. She is such a style icon. So happy that I got the chance to spend some time with her. She is such a sweetheart!

Furla bags

Then it was time to spend some money (& voucher)! I knew I wanted this Furla bag the second I saw it, but I couldn’t decide which color to go for!! Find out which one I have chosen in the previous article (*here).

photo boothFun fun fun with Nathalie and Joyce in the photo booth. Thank you Roermond Shopping Center for having me! It was honestly the best event I have attended so far!


From where I stand

Last day before departure. I had to work all day until 20.00 in Eindhoven and rush back after dinner to Amsterdam to start packing!

This from where I stand picture was taken before work, totally inspired by the denim workshop the day before: a ‘denim on denim’ look PLUS my newest Furla acquisition.



4 hours of sleep and finished packing a half hour before we left.. JAPAN I am sooo ready for ya!! See you guys very soon on the blog again! Sayonara for now ;)

Hashtag by Lily