Away from Keyboard 3
Hello sweet readers. I feel like saying good morning, even though it is 1 o’clock in the afternoon already. I has been a long time that I slept until noon.. wow! Well.. I think a lot of you can relate to this today, because the Orange Lions won yesterday! My throat still hurts from yelling and my heart needed the extra sleep from the stress (especially the penalties ooephh…). With the World cup I am turning into a hooligan lol! But it was all worth it when it ends with a victory like this!

Anyhow, time for a recap post, from what I have been up to the last two weeks! 

1. Corner Bakery
As you may know, the Sunday ritual is mostly reserved for food. Preferably finding new hotspots for quality time with le boyfriend. Well, Corner Bakery made it to the list of hotspots for sure!! The food was excellent! I wouldn’t mind to go back there today to recover from last night with a healthy meal ;)
Corner bakery AmsterdamCorner bakery Amsterdam food

2. Jewellery by Sophie
I had a nice meeting with a new Dutch jewellery designer Sophie for her collection ‘Jewellery by Sophie’. I love to support starting businesses, because I admire their courage so much. Especially when I am head over heels about their products, like these cute ones below. I can give one of my readers the ‘lucky bracelet’! You can even pick the color that you would love to win! You can still apply –> here.
Jewellery by Sophie

Jewellery by Sophie lucky bracelet

3. Roadtrip to Italy
A quick nice get-away last weekend, which seems like weeks ago already. We took our sweet friends, who are getting married in two weeks, to one of my favourite zen places in Europe: Como lake!
Being there with the beautiful view is so surreal, it really feels like you are dreaming. And you can’t help feeling super blessed and uber happy. We had the most wonderful time together with a lot of nice food, conversations and adventures. More about this trip in tomorrow’s post!!
Como lake apartment
Como Lake Italy

Como ootd italy
Mennagio Italy
Como Lake Italy

4. (Blogger) events
This week I attended two events: The Kick off party with SO PR at Sky Lounge Amsterdam and the Olympus photography masterclass with I love Fashion bloggers.
Events are for networking and having a fun time meeting (new) fellow bloggers!!

Fashion week kick off party with so pr

Olympus playground masterclass
Olympus photography x Ilovefashionbloggers

5. Fun times with Nathalie Kemna
Spent some time with a new blogger friend, Nathalie Kemna. Such a sweet girl. We are currently working on something exciting together. You will hear about this project in a few weeks ;)
Check out the pics that she took from me at the Olympus photography class. I haven’t edit the pics, these are the raw studio takes. Such a talent right?!

Nathalie Kemna Nathalie Kemna

6. Supporting the orange lions!
This mega selfie was taken before the nerve-wrecking match yesterday with my family. Hooraaay for the victory!! On to the next!! Powerrrrrrrr!!!!
Supporting Orange

By Lily