Away from Keyboard

Two weeks of fun in the, already, 25th ‘Away from Keyboard’ article. I am really enjoying the blogger life right now, which seems to be more fun with every AFK post. Not everything is blog related though, just showing you my diary of what I am doing when I am not behind my keyboard typing the articles. Enjoy!! 

Asian NL newspaper
My piece about my trip to Singapore in the Asian NL newspaper
Asian NL newspaper Hashtag by Lily Singapore

A day in the park festival with Boohoo
We took a little break from Fashion Week to enjoy ‘A day at the park’ festival with Boohoo. It started with a yummy breakfast with all the bloggers. After this we were brought to the location with Uber, to dance the night away <3
A day in the park with Boohoo

A day in the park with Boohoo1

A day in the park with Boohoo

A day in the park with Boohoo

Monique Collignon
On the 4th day of Amsterdam Fashion Week I only went to the Monique Collignon show with my friend, Svetlana (designer from with amazing coats). Check out the elaborated Fashion Week reports from the 1st and 2nd day, here & here
Monique Collignon MBFWA

Monique Collignon MBFWA

My outfit to the last day of Fashion Week:
dress: Gat Rimon
heels: Boohoo
shoe accessory: Red Kitty
clutch: Karl Lagerfeld (sale)
Karl Lagerfeld clutch, Red Kitty shoe accessories
Fashion Week outfit

The Roots
I am a big fan of The Roots. Unfortunately, they don’t come to Amsterdam that often anymore, since they are the prominent musicians in the Jimmy Fallon show these days. It was my 5th time witnessing them playing live and it was EPIC again.
The Roots Paradiso

Pauls Boutique
A flatlay photo before we can eat our lunch is almost inevitable these days.
bag: Pauls Boutique
sunglasses: Zalando
lunch: Coffee Room Amsterdam
Flatlay Pauls boutique Pandora silver

Once a year I sell my stuff at Ijhallen, the biggest flea market from Europe in Amsterdam. I shared a unit with my 2 little cousins and Larissa. It was raining really bad for 2 hours, so we were extremely happy with the few  hours of sunshine at the end.
Ijhallen Amsterdam fleamarket
Ijhallen Amsterdam fleamarket

Lily Silk
I was knocked out after selling a lot of stuff at Ijhallen the whole day. This Lily Silk eye mask is the softest thing ever! Perfect for your beauty sleeps :)
eyes mask: Lily SilkLily Silk

High tea at Conservatorium Hotel
Catching up with my cousin with a delicious 5 course high tea at the Conservatorium Hotel. This place looks ridiculously amazing and the food was really yummy.
Conservatorium hotel high tea

Conservatorium hotel high tea

I love my Totoro iPhone 6 case, but unfortunately I can’t always use it because it doesn’t always fit in my bag of the day, lol.
Totoro iphone case & Mulbery bag

Anniversay <3
This photo is take in Japan last year. We just celebrated our 12th anniversary together. How time flies!!!Anniversary

After living in Amsterdam for a few years now, I should be ashamed that I just visited the Rijksmuseum for the first time this week. My friend Marloes ( and I wanted to see the ‘New for now, the origin of fashion magazines’ exhibition. While we were there, we of course had to see the famous painting ‘De Nachtwacht’ from  Rembrandt. I expecting this painting to be bigger somehow, but still very impressed what he and all the artists manage to create.
Besides the art, I was completely in awe of how beautiful the Rijksmuseum looks from the inside.
New for now, the origin of Fashion magazines exhibition

De nachtwacht rijksmuseum

From where I stand scorpion at Rijksmuseum amsterdam

De Hallen
If you follow me on Snapchat, you might have notice how often I eat at De Hallen in Amsterdam. This foodcourt is perfect if you are in company with people with different cravings at that moment. My favorite is the softshell crab bun. YUMMM!
De Hallen Amsterdam softshell crab bun

Women with shoes.. We will never have enough of..
Shoe collection

Flow magazine & Asian NL newspaper
In this digital era it’s still very special to see your piece or feature in print.Flow magazine