Away from keyboard

Time for a photo diary about the high lights of the past 2 weeks. With every AFK or monthly evaluation I can’t believe the time is flying by this fast. People keep telling me how much they like my blogger adventure so far. Looking back at these AFK articles I can’t disagree! Enjoying every minute! yellow wallbloggers pop up sale amsterdamcherry blossomlilysignatureHip E money wrap, rabeanco key pouch, toms sunglasses. coffee anne and max

donut photo

Restaurant Pllek Amsterdam
pllek amsterdam Noord

Restaurant pllek amsterdam NoordCarlala PR press day
Having a moment with Brit with the Carlala hats on.
Carlala press day

Juice & Salad Amsterdam
Meet up with Esmee From

Juice & salad with Luxblog

Pressday 16/04/2015
A whole afternoon visiting PR agencies to see the Fall Winter collection of 2015. We visited Simply PR, Oona PR, Ganbaroo PR & Jam Jam PR. A little Snapchat vlog to follow along that day.
Oona press day Oona press day Photoshoot Iris Dijkers