Away from keyboard #16

I really enjoy making these “Away From Keyboard” articles. This way I can show you more ‘behind the scenes’ snaps of what is keeping me busy. Lately I have a new hobby of making flatlay photos. As you can see in this article, this is really getting out of hand haha. I attended two events, the River Island Salon show and the Livera Valentine to see the new collections. Furthermore, I got spoilt big time with surprises from Zalando & Livera on Valentines day!

For even more behind the scenes snaps and videos you can follow me on Snapchat (hashtagbylily). Happy Sunday everyone!! X     

Snapchat addict (username: hashtagbylily)

snapchat hashtagbylilysnapchat snapchat

River Island Salon show
riverisland salon show Amsterdam

riverisland salon show Amsterdam

Bakers & Roasters
Bakers and roastersBakers and roasters cappuccinoLivera Valentines event
Livera at Canal house amsterdam
Livera at Canal house amsterdam

Livera at Canal house amsterdam

Livera Valentines day

Betty Blue Amsterdam
Betty blue amsterdam

Betty blue amsterdam


Le pain Quotiditidien
Le pain quotidien


lilysignatureKelly bag love
kelly bag hermes

Mum’s Bday
Mums bdayFlatlays

flatlay flatlay

Valentines day
Thank you my Valentines: Zalando Man & Livera for the Vday surprises!!! <3 
Zalando man

senso Ula zalando

Mr Zalando man asked me what is on my wish list from Zalando. Well, I always buy my Senso shoes at Zalando, so it wasn’t hard to pick for once ;)Valentines day

Valentines day