asymmetric cocktail dress strappy sandals

— Personal —

Driving back to Amsterdam from Nomandy right now. Nigel and I made a deal not to buy presents for each other, but instead get away for two days to celebrate our 13th anniversary. Two days away felt like at least 5! Road tripping is our favorite way of travelling. We have become such a pro in road trips, always manage to be efficient and make the most of our road trips.

There is time to be productive to make beautiful photos for the blog, but we also make sure to make more time to enjoy. Yesterday afternoon we absolutely did nothing for a few hours and fell asleep on the beach. Bliss. I haven’t relaxed like that for a while.

Aah I can’t wait to share this trip with you guys. First I will post the Switzerland trip this week. After that Marrakech. And then.. I hope in three weeks, this one will be online! Stay tuned.

X Lily

— The Look —

Date night! Fresh from this trip we shot these outfit photos before dinner. I love my fashion and experiment, but when I have a date with my Insta hubby, I go for feminine chic, because I know he will appreciate that the most. Preferably cocktail dresses or skirts, showing curves.

This dress did its job perfectly. I love the drapes, asymmetric lines and chain details. Furthermore, I finally shot these lace up sandals. I think it’s such a nice match with my oversized denim jacket. I hope you like it!

sistaglam dress

sistaglam dress

..we made a deal not to buy presents for each other..

Marines Cures Trouville

furla candy fluffy bag

sistaglam dress

sistaglam dress

sistaglam dress

— Outfit details —

dress: Sistaglam (sale)
jacket: We Fashion
bag: Furla
watch: Cartier
shoes: Public Desires

location: Hotel Cures Marines Trouville; France
ph by Nigel Fung-A-Loi

— Furla bags —