Anastasia eyebrow lift

Quoting Oprah: ‘Having your brows done by Anastasia is like having a brow lift‘.

Well.. If even Oprah is saying this, it must be true ;) This review was not even planned, but I am glad we improvised this. It is not the first time for me getting the Anastasia treatment. I think I go to Rob Peetoom twice a year to get my eyebrow shaped by a professional. Mine are not symmetrical and are far from perfect, therefore very hard to maintain all by myself.

The technique that is used during this treatment is not so much a secret. You can find a lot about this on the internet. I have the Anastasia eyebrow kit to try this at home. However, in my case, I still need to wax the hairs to make it as perfect as it can be. I think the pictures will speak for them self. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask, I will ask the expert for you :D

Anastasia eyebrow treatment

Anastasia eyebrow kit

Eye brow kit: Anastasia