Amsterdam Fashion Week part 2

Second day of  Amsterdam Fashion Week for me. I have promised a video report as well, but it turns out that there are some errors in the files. I know it sucks big time, but luckily Larissa’s (from the blog video turned out SUPERB! We spent these two Fashion Week days together, so this is pretty much the same experience as through my iphone and lenses, only with a sexier voice ;)

Outfit of the day
Ready for the second day of Fashion Week fun, wearing a Tony Cohen outfit.
Amsterdam Fashion Week 2015

Tony Cohen ootd

Show 3: Zyanya Keizer
Zyanya created a mysterious atmosphere with a run way of flour, the choice of music and of course her incredible couture piece, which I have shown you a preview of yesterday at the Zalando House. She was showing Haven collection consisting of 11 creations with silk, raffia and/or special bead techniques pieces inspired by albinism in Africa. Magnificent is the word for the show. I spoke to her afterwards and she was really happy with the result, which is absolutely well deserved! (Last photo from Team Peter Stigter)Zyanya Keizer Amsterdam Fashion Week 2015

Zyanya Keizer Amsterdam Fashion Week 2015

Zyanya Keizer Amsterdam Fashion Week 2015 1

Before the Tony Cohen show I went backstage to have a sneak peek of his collection. We were allowed to share 1 photo with not  too many details, before the show. These were the photos I shared via twitter (hashtagbylily) and Facebook.
Tony Cohen sneak peek 2015

Fashion Week backstage

Show 4: Tony Cohen
The Tony Cohen show is a must go during every Amsterdam Fashion Week season. Probably because it is a sophisticated, wearable and affordable collection, which you can’t wait to get your hands on after the shows. This time was no different. My favorite part of his collections are always the flowy goddess dresses. Besides this, you can also count on the abstract detailled ensembles that makes every piece unique.
Kim feenstra Tony cohen

Tony Cohen show 2015

Tony Cohen finale dress 2015

Tony Cohen Interview
5 bloggers were selected to wear Tony Cohen that evening and get a quick exclusive interview after his show.
He explained that the collection was built in 5 parts with the emphasis on ‘square’. He has a few items from for the man’s collection but the focus will always remain on women. Besides clothes there are also accessories and shoes in the collection. On the question: will you extend your imperium with a kids section, he answered with a firm ‘no’.
We didn’t get a clear answer on his favourite piece of the collection. I guess it isn’t a fair question, as Zyanya yesterday said that every piece is like your baby and you can’t chose a favourite between your kids.
Tony Cohen bloggers

Tony Cohen interview

Zalando Downtown
After the interview we rushed to Amsterdam Roest to visit Zalando Downtown day 8. The Zalando house was on the cultural night market, with music, food & fashion. We made some fun gif photos here, but I haven’t found it on the website yet. Unfortunately we heard that we missed the fashion performances of Mirte van Wijngaarden. I saw some cool images of the show afterwards though.
We stayed here for some food and enjoyed the hipster ambiance, before we headed back home. Amsterdam Roest is such a cool place, I have to come back soon!
Zalando downtown day 8 at Amsterdam Roest

Zalando downtown day 8 at Amsterdam Roest2

Zalando house Roest

Larissa’s  vlog
Larissa did an phenomenal job editing this next video, which gives you an even better idea of our Fashion Week adventure.