Amsterdam fashion week AW16

Last week was the bi-annual Fashion Week in Amsterdam, showcasing the autumn winter collection of 2016 from Dutch ground. I attended quite a few shows this season that I wanted to report back to you here today. I didn’t bring my Canon camera this time, but snapped plenty of photos with my phone, which turned out totally fine thanks to the front row seats we got via Fashionweek Nederland :D Sit back, relax and enjoy Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week through my iphone!

Day 1

Fashion Week Amsterdam Zara Chloe streetstyle

top: Zara (sale)
skirt: Zara (sale)
bag: Chloe
shoes: Asos

Dutch Visionaries

Dutch designers from established to up and coming ones, opened the shows with classic to modern pieces from the last 40 years in extreme disguise of the fabulous models. It sure was a great start of the catwalk show, the energy went way up high!

Dutch visionaries amsterdam fashion week

Dutch Visionaries

Couture & Crafts

The couture and craft show was mesmerizing. A show with Dutch couture pieces from 1960 to 2016. I could see that this show was really special with all the Dutch couture legends lined up. Admiring elegant pieces, ballroom dresses to a painting dress from Viktor & Rolf. 

Couture & Crafts

Couture & Crafts amsterdam fashion week

Couture & craft Viktor and Rof

Day 2

Ester Haamke bomber jacket

top: Zara
jacket: Esther Haamke
shoes: Steve Madden
bag: Chanel

Lisa Konno

It was the first time for me attending the Lisa Konno show. Her collection was black and white with a ethnical print incorporated in the details. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the wearable collection.

Lisa Konno Amsterdam fashion week

Lisa Konno AW16

Claes Iversen

Personally, I always looking forward to this show. Every season the designer knows how to surprise you with his ‘not cliché creations’. The snow flakes completed the dreamy setting. I desperately want the purple coat that you see on the right. Anyhow, once again he succeeded to establish many ‘wow’ moments with an amazing wedding dress as showstopper.

II by Claes Iversen Amsterdam fashion week

II by Claes Iversen

II by Claes Iversen AW16

Day 3

Zalando outfit

top: Asos
skirt: Asos
heels: Moschino via Zalando
bag: Moschino via Zalando

Esther Haamke

In my ‘day 2’ outfit I was wearing an Esther Haamke bomber jacket. It’s a pretty crazy bold piece to put on, perfect for fashion week! I got soooo many compliments that evening. That jacket from last season promised a fun show that I didn’t want to miss. Japanese streetstyle-like pieces is what I hoped for and what Esther Haamke had delivered. The fortune collection so amazing, especially because it included the Japanese lucky cat ‘Maneki-neko’. I can’t wait to wear something from this collection to Fashion Week again ;)

Ester Haamke AW16Ester Haamke

Spijkers & Spijkers

The twin sisters Spijkers showcased a beautiful collection inspired by the Moon. Colors, prints and panther heads on sleek fabrics. I particularly loved the panter sweater that I put high on my wish list.

Spijkers en Spijkers AW16

Spijkers & Spijkers AW16 heels

Spijkers & Spijkers aw16 collection

Day 4

Tony Cohen top

top: Tony Cohen
pants: Zara
bag: Chloe
shoes: Topshop
hat: Carlala Fashion


Tony Cohen

In a Tony Cohen ensemble I went to his show to wrap up another season MBFWA. Kim Feenstra was starring as the muse once again like no other. The collection was still very Tony, yet different, much darker this time. In black and white with a hint of red I saw the gorgeous designs passing by in front of me. 

Tony Cohen AW16

Tony Cohen aw16 Kim feenstra


Special thanks to Fashion Week Nederland for the front row seats!