— Never too busy —

I read my own article from the night before I went to America (here) and I just edited my latest vlog (here). What I notice is that I think that I am so busy and I always act that busy. So busy that I got ill at the end of the vlog?!

Who recognizes this: constantly on the phone, there is always an email to answer, planning too many appointments on a day, there is always something to clean up, there are always social obligations etc.

The feeling of being busy, was for me a confirmation that I was working hard. I am always ON and never OFF, even in my sleep my work is still on my mind. The fact that the work is an endless road, makes you feel restless and totally exhausted even when you just woke up.

Me realizing this and writing this down, is a note to myself to seek help before I get a burn out. Because the way things go right now, it is bound to happen. So many (young) people are suffering from this these days.

I bought this book to take on this trip called ‘Nooit meer te druk’ (translation: never too busy anymore). I recognize all the symptoms, and I am dying to find out how I can get better at this. Wish me luck! Keep you posted ;)







— The Look —

This is my third look for the Fashionchick series. I really enjoyed working with Amanda, who is responsible for the styling. I barely have to change anything to my preference when she pulls a look. This ‘starry playful girly blue dress’ is so cute!! So cool to style it with the puffer jacket that reminds me of my younger days, keeps me warm for the chilly days to come. These River Island boots are the perfect affordable investment pieces for this fall and winter.

— Outfit details —

coat: Adidas by Stella McCartney / dress: / boots: River Island /
bag: Karl Lagerfeld /necklace: Vedder&Vedder

location: Amsterdam
PH by Milan Gino