Are you kidding me?!

For the ones who are following me for a while, knows my fear of flying. It has never really stopped me from traveling though, until today almost .
My day started fabulous at the KLM lounge, since my boyfriend is a gold member. I took a separate flight alone though.

The flight was already delayed because of some issues. That was the first clue that got me worried. Once in the air I noticed that we were flying really low the whole time, when suddenly I saw the wings growing again and before I knew we were making a U-turn.

These things freak me out! Especially when the seatbelt sign went on and the flight attendant walks really fast to the cockpit. All kinds of worst case scenarios pop up in my head. This can’t be happening?!

10 minutes later, what felt like forever, the captain was finally speaking saying that there was a problem with the gear and that we have to return to Amsterdam.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Were my thoughts.. I just wanted to make it safely on the ground, no matter where we would land. The relieve I felt with the touch down almost got me in tears.

We had to switch planes, which delayed my original flight with 3 hours. But I was at peace with it, because I was so happy to be alive lol.

Anyhow, the rest of the day in London you see in pictures. If you are going to fly, have a safe flight everyone!!

X Lily

— KLM Crown Lounge —

First time for me to go to the KLM lounge or any lounge for that matter. My boyfriend is flying quite frequently and saved enough last year to be a gold member.

You can take a shower, have some food, work on a desk or chill out on the sofas. I could get used to these kinds of extra service :) It was perfect for me to catch up on some work here, since I had a later flight then my boyfriend. I can’t wait to see the lounge in London on our way back now hihi.

KLM crown lounge schiphol

— OOTD —

top: H&M / jeans: Zara / shoes: Uggs / necklace: Louis Vuitton / bag: Gucci

plane outfit klm crown lounge

— FML moment —

A few minutes after this photo I took on the left we made u-turn. After 10 minutes in panic they finally told us why. Still not sure what was wrong exactly. They mentioned something with the gear.

Flight u-turn

— Plane skin care —

I got my hands on this serum from Skeydor. Perfect travel size to bring it with me in planes. I always make sure to have something with me to moisturize my face in the dry air. Oh and this one from Skeydor smells soooo good!!

serum: Skeydor

Skeyndor serum

— Arbor hotel —

Checked-in at a well-located hotel near Aldgate East station. The popular Bricklane is in the same street.

address: 12-20 Osborn St, London E1 6TE
website: www.arborcity.co.uk

Hotel Arbor city london

— Reunited —

Reunited with this guy after his meetings. Off on our food mission!

scarf: Storm & Marie / coat: Asos / bag: Chanel

nigel and Lily

— Burger fan! —

It’s our tradition to have a shack stack burger at Shake Shack.

address: 24, Covent Garden, Market Building, Covent Garden, Piazza, London WC2E 8RD
website: www.shakeshack.com

Shake shack Shack stack burger

— Kikki.k stationary heaven —

A must visit, if you are a stationary freak like me!

address: 5-6 James St, London WC2E 8BT
website: www.kikki-k.com


— 2nd dinner —

The Shake shack burger was not enough for Nigel, so when we passed by the Chicago Rib Shack we went in for a 2nd meal for the evening. Seriously, this was within an hour after our burger.

This place looks amazing, great decoration and really friendly staff.

address: 60 Wentworth St, London E1 7TF
website: www.thechicagoribshack.co.uk

Chicago rib shack aldgate east london

Chicago rib shack aldgate east london

— Natural Soft Jelly Cleansing Puff —

At the end of the day I always always clean my face properly. For 2 days away I don’t bring my Clarasonic with me. Instead, I though I try this Korean cleansing puff that Honeysu has sent me. It’s super light for traveling and it feels super soft to my skin while cleansing it deeply. I LOVE IT!

Note: it’s especially suitable for dry and/or sensitive skin

Cleansing Puff: Missha

Missha Honeysu natural soft jelly cleansing puff