Barre class and brunch in amsterdam

My daily diary won’t be that daily any more. I figured that it’s only fun when I actually have something to share. I have days where I am behind my laptop all day, so I decided to skip those days in the diaries.

Other then that, I keep snapping away, because I think it’s still fun and important to share the less edited life of mine compare to the other content that I post, to keep the balance.

x Lily

— Rose Hip Oil —

My mum gave this oil to me to try out when I had some troubles with my skin 2 weeks ago. I had break outs everywhere and it was super dry. I use this oil after I cleansed my face. It was back to normal in no time, even better then before maybe. So this is my holy grail for now :)

Rose Hip Oil: L’élan Vital
Lilan Vital premium Rose Hip Oil

Post-its hema

— Post-its —

A stationary freak like me always have a weakness for notebooks, pens and post-its. I couldn’t resist to buy this block with multiple post’its for only 2€ in sale :)

— Sundays are for brunch —

Brunch date with my wifey. The reason why @linseysijmons is my wifey is because of our trip to Ibiza last year. We both bought the same ring at the hippie market and joked around that we were engaged :D

Anyhow, I finally got to try out Greenwoods in Amsterdam. OMG, I have been missing out so much. The food is soooo good. I will go back asap to eat everything again. Order the special pulled pork sandwich and the banana bread tumble if you go there!

address: Keizersgracht 465, 1017 DK Amsterdam
website: www.greenwoods.eu

Greenwoord amsterdam

Greenwoods restaurant amsterdam brunch

Greenwoods amsterdam food

— OOTD —

coat: Forever21 / jeans: Monki / shoes: Isabel Marant / bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Pink coat, rebecca minkoff bag, isabel marant sneakers

— Barre class —

Ever since I saw it on Instagram, I was soooo curious about the Barre work out. Together with Esmee we went to this new gym in Amsterdam PLTS to try it out! I am so stiff, but it was fun!  They also have a reformer class that I can’t wait to try it out!

address: Bilderdijkstraat 134, 1053 LA Amsterdam
website: www.plts.nl

PLTS amsterdam

Barre class PLTS amsterdam